Anne Zele

Anne Zele - Leadership Development Coach



Anne is a people development specialist with extensive management and people development experience. She has led large and small teams for start-up companies as well as large multinational companies, in both local and international roles.

Anne has worked with many managers in their first management role, as well as senior executives looking to enhance their people leadership. Her approach is to support managers through the operational requirements of their role, managing and influencing their stakeholders as well as developing their leadership capability.

Career Highlights
  • 20+ years’ experience leading and developing diverse teams.
  • 7 +years’ experience as international talent development manager at 3M.
  • 20+ years sales and marketing experience.
  • 5+ years’ experience leading technical teams.
  • Focus areas include:
    • Organisational change management
    • Front line manager development and mentoring.
    • Leadership development.
    • High potential identification and development.
    • Sales, marketing and technical management.
Coaching Experience
  • 15+ years coaching leaders at all levels of an organisation – frontline managers to executives.
  • Coach to new Managing Directors in Asia.
  • Action learning coach in multiple global and regional leadership development programs.
  • Bachelor of Health Science.
  • Master of Primary Health Care.
  • Master of Professional Education.
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.
  • Master Coach PDI (now Korn Ferry).
  • Registered nurse

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