Coaches with real world experience

We place enormous value on delivering a high quality coaching experience for every organisation that we work with - and we can't do that without great coaches.

Leadership experience

We believe that coaches should have a deep, practical understanding of the areas in which they coach.  That's why we ensure that our coaches have real world leadership experience, not just theoretical knowledge.

Coaching experience

Coaching, like any other skill, takes a lot of practice to master.  That's why we ensure that our coaches have extensive coaching experience and rigorously evaluate their coaching skills before qualifying them as an LS coach.   

Our coaches


Natasha Hita


Natasha spent 20+ years working in management roles across law, media and investment banking before following her passion to motivate and help others succeed.

  • 20+ years in management roles
  • 5+ years’ coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach

Tony Curl

Coach & Facilitator

With 30+ years of retail leadership experience, Tony helps leaders maintain focus under pressure and ensure the customer is at the forefront of strategy and decision making.

  • 30+ years in management roles 
  • 20+ years’ coaching experience
  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Fleur Mouchemore

Coach & Facilitator

With experience in operational roles and learning and development, Fleur has a practical understanding of management challenges and a breadth of knowledge in developing others.

  • 8+years' management experience
  • 8+ years’ coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach

Zoran Atlagic

Coach & Facilitator

After working in senior/executive operational roles across the UK, Europe and Australia, Zoran decided that he wanted to focus on working with (and motivating) others.

  • 15+ years' management experience
  • 10+ years' coaching experience 
  • CTI accredited coach

Sam McGee


After a long career dealing with management challenges as a HR specialist in large organisations, Sam became a full-time coach to help managers succeed.

  • 20+ years in large corporates
  • 10+ years coaching experience
  • Top rated LS coach

Karina Campbell


With 25+ years’ HR management experience in Australia and the UK, Karina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching interactions.

  • 25+ years' management experience
  • 15+ years' coaching experience
  • Extensive change management experience

Jessica Stratford


Having worked in senior management roles in large organisations, Jessica is well versed in the commercial and strategic requirements of a manager and leverages this in her coaching.

  • 20+ years’ management experience 
  • 5+ years' coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach

Robyn Freshwater


With over 20 years’ senior management experience, and over 12 years’ professional coaching experience, Robyn is an extremely competent and passionate coach.

  • 20+ years' management experience
  • 12+ years' coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach (Professional)

Richard Powell

Coach & Facilitator

Having dedicated his career to teaching and developing others in a corporate setting, it is no surprise Richard is an extremely gifted and passionate coach.

  • 20+ years’ management experience
  • 5+ years' coaching experience
  • 5+ year's facilitation experience

Louise Bodlander


With a wealth of management and coaching experience over the past 15 years, Louise has a strong foundation to help those she works with to become effective, confident managers.

  • 15+ years’ management experience
  • 15+ years' coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach

Maria Zerella


A highly experienced development coach with 20+ years' management experience, Maria's style translates across managers from all roles, industries and cultural backgrounds.

  • 20+ years' management experience
  • 5+ years' coaching experience
  • ICF accredited coach

Trish Hazlett


After working in senior/executive roles in New Zealand for over 28 years, Trish wanted to turn her energy to building that same knowledge, experience and confidence in others.

  • 28+ years’ management experience
  • 20+ years' facilitation experience
  • Advanced Leadership Coach

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