Unresolved conflicts breed toxic workplaces.
We'll clear the air and find a way forward.

Completely tailored to your organisation and to every individual.
All without breaking the bank.

Skip the pushy sales conversations.
Talk directly to an expert not a salesperson.

How mediation and conflict resolution will help:

It puts issues to rest and eliminates the toxic work environment that accompanies ongoing conflict.

Increase productivity

Increase engagement

Promote psychological safety

Hear from our experts

"This is probably the most common problem I see in organisations - failure of individuals to adequately resolve conflict and poor conflict resolution role modelling from senior leaders.

Ultimately, it just stops people from being productive and getting their work done. And it can create disengaged and disempowered employees.

Conflict resolution is hard, as it's two people's interpretation of events. You've got to really understand conflict, your style and how your might take a sustainable approach to managing it. 

Like anything people related - it's not going to change overnight. But the impacts longterm are so worthwhile for everyone involved."

What's included in our conflict mediation and resolution service:

Everything you need to put ongoing conflicts to rest and have a clear plan of action going forward.

1:1 interviews with key stakeholders

Meetings with the individuals and the professional coach to determine underlying cause of conflict

Mediation by impartial expert

Mediation between parties to discuss key issues, set goals and agree a way forward

Ongoing coaching

Ongoing coaching to ensure that the agreement is adhered to

team coacing
Team support

Additional coaching support for any impacted team members

target (1)
Conflict resolution plan

A clear plan of action that is agreed to by all affected parties

Maintenance plan

Provision of advice to HR and Manager on underlying causes and recommendations

Your path to resolving conflict starts
with your free consultation:

Feedback and review

Harnessing a combined 600+ years of experience in developing leaders in organisations of all sizes, our experts provide invaluable feedback and advice.

Data sharing

Unlock opportunities and avoid common mistakes before they happen using data we've gathered froassessing over 15,000 participants skills, job performance and more. 


Get a leadership development strategy custom made for your organisation.  Our experts will listen to your needs and build you a strategy free of charge.


A custoplan of attack, based on your strategy. From gaining stakeholder buy-in to roll-out to reviewing metrics, we'll make sure the key areas are all considered.


Realistic guidance on minimum & average timeframes for each stage of your leadership development program / project.

Budget analysis

Utilise your available budget to maximum effect. Our experts guide you based on the data we have from thousands of organisations across the globe.