Executive coaching

Executive coaching is about having an impartial expert to talk to, outside of the board of directors or your direct reports.

The focus is on helping you achieve your goals and manage your mindset to ensure you are optimising your productivity and effectiveness at all times.

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executive coaching


Leadership Success provides a completely tailored experience for Executives, linking you with a coach that suits your needs, industry and experience.

Did you know?

Executive coaching delivers results and gets people working more effectively together for the long term.

67% of Executives who received coaching report improved teamwork
52% report reduced incidence of conflict
61% report increased job satisfaction
Hear from our experts

"By the time people have reached the senior executive level, there is often a great deal of accumulated knowledge and skills.

At this level, it's about helping people make sure they are maintaining a high level view of the organisation and focusing on leveraging the capabilities of those around them.  The CEO or Executive Team doesn't need to have all the answers, all the time, but they do need to know where to go to get them.

It's also critical to ensure that team members are given time and space to experiment, to learn and fail without taking unnecessary risks.

Ultimately I'm here to support, guide and provide an impartial sounding board for those who, due to the seniority of their roles find it challenging to have a completely transparent conversation with those around them."

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1:1 Coaching

Virtual coaching delivered over the phone or videoconference

Objective skills assessments & feedback

Proprietary skills assessments identify individual skills gaps

online platform
Technology platform

Online platform for participants, 1-up managers, HR and Executives

Do you have executive leaders that could benefit from coaching?

Talk to an expert, not a salesperson

Talk to an expert

Success stories

Read about the success real people have achieved from undertaking our Executive coaching coaching

"I've learnt more in the past year than I have in the past five."

Shane Tassell General Manager

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