Frontline managers

Frontline managers are the lifeblood of any organisation and have an enormous impact on individual performance and culture in teams. 

Our virtual 1 to 1 coaching solution provides cost effective personalised development to frontline managers.

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Leadership Success offers frontline manager development programs for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Did you know?

73% of frontline managers have skills gaps in leadership fundamentals
There is no skill gap correlation between age, education level or work experience
An objective assessment is the only way to accurately identify skills gaps
Where does this data come from?

Why Leadership Success

  • Cost effective - For the same price as a few days of group training, get 1 to 1 support for your frontline managers for a year
  • Targeted - We pinpoint the individual skills gaps in each frontline manager using our proprietary objective skills assessment
  • Reliable - We have 13 years experience delivering hundreds of frontline manager programs across all sectors of the economy
  • Flexible - We consult with you to ensure the program fits your specific needs
  • Easy - We project manage the development end to end, including internal communications
Hear from our experts

"I've worked with Leadership Success for nearly 10 years, first as a client at GE Capital, then as a coach.

During that time I've specialised in developing frontline managers and it's a job I really love. From banking and finance, to mining and industrials, I've worked with such a broad range of people in my coaching journey.

I've found though the common thread is that frontline management has its own unique challenges.  Trying to balance your own workload with leadership and management tasks is often something that requires support and assistance to get right.

Each individual is different, so I focus on keeping it simple. Prioritising one goal at a time and focusing on really nailing that issue before moving on to the next."

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Objective skills assessments & feedback

Proprietary skills assessments identify individual skills gaps

1:1 Coaching

Virtual coaching delivered over the phone or videoconference

online learning
Targeted learning resources

E-learning, on the job action plans and other resources

project plan
Project management

You will be assigned a solutions expert to manage the development project

Technology platform

Online platform for participants, 1-up managers, HR and Executives

full visibilty
Full visibility

The entire end to end process and results are available online, on-demand

Looking for a frontline manager development program?

Talk to an expert, not a salesperson

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Success stories

Read about the success real people have achieved from undertaking our Frontline Management coaching

"Coaching helped me transition into my new role."

Shannon Galea Strategic Asset Manager

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"The experience of 1-1 coaching has been invaluable."

Ross Adler Business Manager

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"It gave me better strategies to communicate and deal with people."

Sean O'Brien Superintendent

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"Having one-to-one coaching has been instrumental to my success."

Ben Horsley Village Manager

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"This has given me the tools I need to lead a diverse group of Engineers."

Petar Ciric Discipline Manager

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"I was able to deal with issues in a more focused way and get results quicker."

Will Drummy Operations Manager / Digital Engineering Lead

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"This is the best program I have ever participated in."

Belinda Saltmarsh Branch Leader (Banking)

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"I have evolved into the worker and person I always aspired to be."

Cassandra Patterson Team Leader (Case work services)

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" I have managed to let go and manage my direct reports productively"

Jonathan Rutgers Branch Manager

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"I am happier and more comfortable in my role then I ever have been and I know it is because of the tools I learnt from my coaching."

Kelly Townsend Catering Supervisor and Head Chef (Aged Care)

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"The program helped me ensure that I am leading my tribe in a way that will continue to deliver to the business"

Sherie Hope Retail Store Leader

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"Self reflection and assessment. Greater openness to change and the ability to better facilitate change."

Mike Alebardi Team Leader Pollution Response & Enforcement

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"It has boosted my confidence to be able to manage the very varied situations I am faced with."

Catherine Holbutt Village Manager

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