Discover your strengths and weaknesses

You're always in the driving seat about the goals you work on with your coach, but we have a suite of assessments to recommend some goals to accelerate your career as a leader.

How does my leadership knowledge compare?

You have the option to complete our online assessment, which asks you to identify the best and worst approach to 40 real-world scenarios.

Our AI engine compares your responses to our leadership knowledge and skills benchmarks - comprised of the results from over 10,000 previous participants. 

We'll take your results and turn these into recommended goals for you to work on. 

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Analysing knowledge and skills

Get feedback from those around you

We can send a short survey to your colleagues, team members, and 1-up manager(s).  This can give us a snapshot of perceived effectiveness across your day-to-day interactions. 

Our AI engine will then recommend some goals for you to work on with your coach.

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