Coaches are here to offer you support and guidance as you build your leadership skills and effectiveness

On demand

Coaches are here to provide support when you need them, even on short notice.  So when you need support, the coach will be there to provide it.

Most coaching is done via video conference, or phone, ensuring support no matter where you are located, even in the remotest corners of Australia or New Zealand. 

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We believe coaches should have a deep, practical understanding of the areas in which they coach.  That's why we ensure that our coaches have real world leadership experience, not just theoretical knowledge.

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Featured coach

Tony Curl

Coach & Facilitator

With 30+ years of retail leadership experience, Tony helps leaders maintain focus under pressure and ensure the customer is at the forefront of strategy and decision making.

  • 30+ years in management roles 
  • 20+ years’ coaching experience
  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Goal oriented

Our coaches all support and assist you to work towards your specific development goals, no matter what they are.

The focus on goal achievement helps you to move forward, to solve problems and to feel great about the goal achievement process.

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"My coach was very knowledgeable and personable. Good examples catered directly to my specific team. Has improved my capacity as a leader and was good to discuss matters with."

"His insight was great and I was lucky that this came at a time when I was introducing change to my team and team culture and we were able to use real time solutions that all worked."

"A positive attitude, patient, flexible and good communicator. I felt that even though we never met, that she understood what I was saying and in response provided constructive comments. "

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