Developing leadership confidence

A coaching process that gets straight to what Leadership Success sees as the biggest issue standing in competent people's way: self confidence.

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This product is specifically designed for high potential employees lacking the confidence to lead. We focus on getting an individual to the core of what is holding them back and unlocking the best version of themselves.

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"All too often in my career, I saw the quiet achievers passed over for promotions. Their over-confident (and far less competent) peers would instead progress.

Often our judgment as to whether or not we will promote someone is to ask them if they have the desire to do so. This is fraught with issues as less confident people will often feel that they need to develop more experience before they say 'yes'.

Or sometimes they've had a bad experience with a manager or previous role that has knocked their confidence.

My role is to unlock whatever it is that is holding them back and getting them feeling good about themselves again. Then we make a plan for all the career goals they are going to achieve."

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skills assessment

A range of proprietary skills, behaviour and personality assessments are available depending on individual needs

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching with the relevant leader, normally between 3 and 6 hours

track progress
Track progress

Online system for HR, Manager and Participant to view feedback results and track the process

learning resources
Targeted learning resources

We have a range of targeted e-learning material and on the job support tools included

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