Leadership review

Understanding the cause of dysfunction can be difficult from the inside, as it can often be swayed by personal relationships and politics.

Sometimes an impartial expert is what's needed to get to the bottom of the dysfunction and agree a path forward for all stakeholders involved.

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Designed to assess effective functioning of a leadership team, be that a senior or executive leadership team.

Our experts who cover this area average 30+ years' experience and combined have worked with over 500 leadership teams. You can rest assured we have the ability to cut through the noise and provide frank and full disclosure of the issues present.

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"Performance issues in the leadership team of an organisation can be very difficult to deal with, whether it is the board of directors questioning the performance of the CEO, or the CEO looking at the performance of their executive team and below.  It’s often difficult for those involved in the organisation to ensure a non-biased and impartial perspective to enable them to really get to the root causes of the dysfunction. 

As an independent person stepping into an organisation without the history and the emotions attached, it is much easier to view with clarity and objectivity.  I found that our process of individual interviews based around a set of questions specifically designed for that organisation allows me to identify the issues very clearly.  I also use the Leadership Success assessments as a second arm to my fact finding to ensure accuracy and reliability. 

Once I’ve delivered my recommendations I work with the organisation to prioritise and set goals and KPIs around the improvements needed. If there is conflict between members of the leadership team and this is causing performance issues then we also have the opportunity to carry out mediation and ongoing monitoring of the agreed actions moving forward."

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Interviews with team members

Face to face or virtual interviews with team members

Interviews with Executives or Board members

Face to face or virtual interviews with Executive or Board members


Assessment of relevant leaders leadership knowledge and effectiveness


Full report including findings of key issues and recommendations to resolve key issues

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