Managing underperformance

Putting a manager onto performance management can be a very difficult decision to make, and one that is charged with both emotion and risk.

Whether it's before formal performance management commences, or during, we take the stress away and mitigate risk by putting the performance coaching into the hands of an expert.

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Leadership Success can give the affected employee the required time and impartial support to discover the real underlying issues and work to a resolution. This enables you to:

  • Reduce any tension, emotion or personality clashes that may have built up
  • Reduce risks of appearing to be unfair, unjust, or unreasonable with the affected employee
  • Reduce the amount of time and energy being diverted internally to managing the performance improvement process
  • Gain clear, standardised tracking and measurement of the process

Hear from our experts

"The reason this works so well is that often by the time this issue reaches the stage of performance management, the relationship between the manager and the employee is completely fractured. This really impacts on the ability for a performance improvement process to actually get anywhere.

I ask the participant to come into the coaching ready to be open and brutally honest and in turn, I will provide a safe space of openness and confidentiality. It can be confronting, but I'm there to help them break down the issues.

Sometimes we can work through to a resolution, and sometimes, the best way forward is to explore other opportunities. And that's OK too."

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stakeholder interviews
1:1 interviews with key stakeholders

Meeting with the coach and 1-up manager to discuss key issues that need to be resolved

Objective skills assessments & 360 feedback

Assessment of leader's leadership knowledge and effectiveness

Ongoing coaching

Ongoing coaching to support the performance management process

Targeted learning resources

We have a range of targeted e-learning material and on the job support tools included

Track progress

Online system for HR, Manager and Participant to view feedback results and track the process

target (1)
Full transparency

Transparency on actions being implemented

Need help with managing underperformance?

Talk directly to one of our experts, not a salesperson.

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