Stuck in the middle.
Wasn't there a song about that?

Mid-management is a unique challenge, requiring a unique approach to development.
We'll soon have your people building successful relationships left and right.

Skip the pushy sales conversations.
Talk directly to an expert not a salesperson.

Fully tailored development for your mid-level managers.

We carefully balance the needs of the individual and the organisation to achieve breakthrough results.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in leadership behaviour

Build an understanding of role modelling leadership behaviours

Build self awareness

Set achievable goals

Strengthen relationships

Focus on learning through action, achievement and reflection

Hear from our experts

"One of my favourite parts of coaching those who are in middle management roles, or are moving up to this level, is helping unpack the complexity of the situation.

Whilst many of my participants are still quite operational in their roles, being responsible for multiple teams of people means that inability to delegate tasks effectively can lead to increased stress and burnout.

This can be a double edged sword though, as middle managers need to be sure their direct reports are both competent and confident enough to handle the tasks being delegated, which means a sharp focus on the development of their teams. 

As if often the case, every individual and situation is unique, so its about breaking down the issues into manageable pieces and guiding people along the path to addressing the biggest issues first."

What's included in our middle manager program:

Everything you need to achieve leadership success!


Proprietary skills assessments, 360 degree feedback and more

online learning
Self paced learning

E-learning, on the job action plans and other resources available 24 x 7

1:1 Coaching

Virtual coaching delivered over the phone or videoconference

online platform
Online platform

Access for participants, 1-up managers, HR and Executives

full visibilty
Key metrics

The entire end to end process and results are available online, on-demand

project management
Project management

We manage the project including rollout communications and ongoing engagement

Here's some useful info you might not know

At the level of middle management, the focus tends to shift from skill building to behavioural development.

Less than 20% of middle managers will have any skills gaps around leadership fundamentals
At this level, the issues are generally behavioural - I have the skills, but does my behaviour reflect that?
LS behavioural coaching has been proven to increase manager performance by 40% on average
Where does this data come from?

High performing middle managers
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Feedback and review

Harnessing a combined 600+ years of experience in developing leaders in organisations of all sizes, our experts provide invaluable feedback and advice.

Data sharing

Unlock opportunities and avoid common mistakes before they happen using data we've gathered froassessing over 15,000 participants skills, job performance and more. 


Get a leadership development strategy custom made for your organisation.  Our experts will listen to your needs and build you a strategy free of charge.


A custoplan of attack, based on your strategy. From gaining stakeholder buy-in to roll-out to reviewing metrics, we'll make sure the key areas are all considered.


Realistic guidance on minimum & average timeframes for each stage of your leadership development program / project.

Budget analysis

Utilise your available budget to maximum effect. Our experts guide you based on the data we have from thousands of organisations across the globe.