Neil Almond

Global team management International trade Food and beverage Mid - Senior leaders Executive Leadership development Special situations

Who are you?

You are a senior leader in FMCG manufacturing or technical


You are a senior leader responsible for supply chain within a corporate setting

Who am I?

I'm an executive coach and International Quality and Regulatory professional with 30 years' experience delivering end-to-end supply chains in the food and drink sector, as well as managing teams across the world.

How can I help?

I bring my technical ability and knowledge to my coaching and mentoring to support individuals and high-performing teams in their professional development and output. 

Can you relate to this in your manufacturing career?

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Working with teams internationally

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Team engagement and performance

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External affairs and crisis management

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Things you can expect from working with me

Executive coaching

My approach is tailored around your needs as a senior leader.


We can work around your schedule and adapt to changing circumstances.

Goal setting and planning

We will focus on your specific goals and work out a plan for achieving them.

Virtual coaching

All of our coaching will be done virtually, you can do your sessions anytime, anywhere.

Online learning resources

You have access to online learning resources, tailored to you and your goals.

Learning dashboards

You will have access to learning dashboards where you can see your goals and progress.

Over 20 years of global senior management experience

Britvic Twinings

30 years in the manufacturing sector

My qualifications

Bachelor's degree

Biochemistry & Biological Chemistry


Management Studies

Supply Chain Management Programme

20+ years coaching experience

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