We've delivered nearly 90,000 hours of virtual coaching to over 15,000 participants from organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Even if you have only 1 manager that needs support, we provide targeted, individualised help at extremely affordable prices.


Situation specific coaching

From managing underperformance to supporting your star performers, our situation specific coaching product range offers expert support when you need it most. Impartial and experienced, our coaches have the systems, technology and track record to help you manage people risk and get results.

Managing underperformance
We take the stress away and mitigate risk by putting performance coaching in the hands of an impartial expert.
conflict resolution
Conflict resolution & mediation
Unresolved conflict can have devastating effects on a team and workplace. Get it resolved by an impartial expert.
remote leadership
Leading a team remotely
Managing teams remotely tests a leader's emotional intelligence, change agility and creative thinking.
Developing leadership confidence
A coaching process that gets straight to what Leadership Success sees as the biggest issue standing in competent people's way: self confidence.
Post disciplinary recovery
Designed to help employees and teams involved recover from the post disciplinary fallout and ensure poor behaviour is not repeated.
Leadership review
Having dealt with over 500 senior leadership teams, our impartial experts can assess and unpick reasons for leadership team dysfunction.

Leadership programs

No matter the size of your organisation, you can rely on us to deliver an exceptional leadership development experience. Our programs are all completely tailored to the individual using a combination of technology and virtual 1 to 1 coaching. Our programs have been proven to increase manager performance by 40% on average.

women in leadership
Women in leadership
A program specifically designed to leverage the innate capabilities of women to accelerate leadership performance and increase representation.
emerging leader
Emerging leaders
A program that focuses on developing the core, fundamental skills that a leader needs to have before stepping into a leadership role for the first time.
frontline managers
Frontline managers
A program that focuses on ensuring leadership fundamentals are being used in practice, whilst being sensitive to individual skill level & experience.
middle managers
Middle managers
Whilst being sensitive to individual skills and experience levels, this program focuses more on honing leadership effectiveness and becoming more effective at delegation.
executive coaching
Executive coaching
Targeted at the most senior levels of leadership, Executive coaching provides experienced, seasoned leaders with the ability to explore any and all relevant issues with an Executive coach.

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