Recovering from disciplinary action

Disciplinary investigations leave teams reeling, whatever the outcome. We can help employees and teams involved to recover from the fallout, and help to ensure that poor behaviour is not repeated.

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Once a disciplinary investigation is concluded:

  • How do you ensure that it doesn't happen again?
  • How do you ensure that those who remain haven't inherited poor behaviours?

We have a number of coaches who are experienced Human Resources professionals. They have seen it all, and are well equipped to debrief on poor behaviour in a non-judgemental way.

It's important for an organisation to recognise and support the individuals involved to move on from what's happened to ensure that it doesn't fester within the team. After all, the way an organisation manages a disciplinary investigation or crisis will impact on employees' decisions to stay or leave the organisation.

Hear from our experts

"Any type of disciplinary action leaves an impact on the complainant/s, the accused and other staff involved.

I wish I'd had access to this independent offering during my time as a Human Resources professional. When disciplinary processes are concluded, sometimes those involved may not feel as comfortable to openly discuss post support needs directly with HR, which can then lead to further issues down the track including regrettable resignations of valuable people.

So my purpose is to listen to their perspective, explore and unpack any issues and be their advocate to make sure they continue to grow and develop."

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stakeholder interviews
1:1 interviews with key stakeholders

Meeting with the coach and HR to discuss key issues that need to be addressed/debriefed

1:1 coaching

Assessment of leader's leadership knowledge and effectiveness, 1:1 coaching with the relevant leader

Advisory & support

Provision of advice to HR on any residual issues for the organisation and recommendations

online learning
Targeted learning resources

We have a range of targeted e-learning material and on the job support tools included

Dealing with the fallout from a recent disciplinary action?

Talk directly to one of our experts, not a salesperson.

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