Post disciplinary recovery. We'll hit the reset
button and get everything back on track.

Completely tailored to your organisation and to every individual.
All without breaking the bank.

Skip the pushy sales conversations.
Talk directly to an expert not a salesperson.

How we can help you with post disciplinary recovery:

Everything you need to get your people back to operating like a well oiled machine.

Ensure poor behaviour isn't repeated

Support those impacted

Gain agreement on a pathway forward

Hear from our experts

"Any type of disciplinary action leaves an impact on the complainant/s, the accused and other staff involved.

I wish I'd had access to this independent offering during my time as a Human Resources professional. When disciplinary processes are concluded, sometimes those involved may not feel as comfortable to openly discuss post support needs directly with HR, which can then lead to further issues down the track including regrettable resignations of valuable people.

So my purpose is to listen to their perspective, explore and unpack any issues and be their advocate to make sure they continue to grow and develop."

What's included in our post disciplinary recovery:

Everything you need to get things back on the right track and ensure unresolved issues are not left to grow unchecked.

stakeholder interviews
1:1 interviews with key stakeholders

Meeting with the coach and HR to discuss key issues that need to be addressed/debriefed


A range of proprietary and third party assessments are available

online learning
Self paced learning

Targeted e-learning material and on the job support tools are included

1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching and support for affected employees

Key metrics

The entire end to end process and results are available online, on-demand

target (1)
Project management

We manage the project including rollout communications and ongoing engagement

Getting things back on track
starts with your free consultation:

Feedback and review

Harnessing a combined 600+ years of experience in developing leaders in organisations of all sizes, our experts provide invaluable feedback and advice.

Data sharing

Unlock opportunities and avoid common mistakes before they happen using data we've gathered froassessing over 15,000 participants skills, job performance and more. 


Get a leadership development strategy custom made for your organisation.  Our experts will listen to your needs and build you a strategy free of charge.


A custoplan of attack, based on your strategy. From gaining stakeholder buy-in to roll-out to reviewing metrics, we'll make sure the key areas are all considered.


Realistic guidance on minimum & average timeframes for each stage of your leadership development program / project.

Budget analysis

Utilise your available budget to maximum effect. Our experts guide you based on the data we have from thousands of organisations across the globe.