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Jacqui Algar

Jacqui is a highly experienced leader having led and managed teams in Australia and internationally for over 20 years. With a passion for recognising and developing the talents of others, Jacqui now helps others to see their potential and works with them to achieve their goals.

Healthcare Manufacturing Professional Services Retail and Wholesale

Zoran Atlagic

After working in senior/executive operational roles across the UK, Europe and Australia, Zoran decided that he wanted to focus on the area he was the most passionate about: working with (and motivating) people. Zoran is a dynamic, energetic and compassionate coach who builds rapport quickly and easily. As an international citizen - Zoran has a knack for connecting with managers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Construction Hospitality / Tourism Telecommunications

Kerry Baxter

As a business leader, Kerry learnt first-hand the transformative power of results-oriented coaching on the performance of individuals, teams and businesses. Kerry is a pragmatic, open and enthusiastic coach who understands that growing your managers and leaders is a business imperative, especially in times of uncertainty and chaos.

Financial Services Mining

Asli Berberoglu

Asli has more than 15 years of corporate experience in cross-cultural people and organizational development including leadership development, organizational transformation and change management strategies. Her global career as an HR professional spans Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America and Asia Pacific with in-depth knowledge and experience in global leadership development programs and practices.

Financial Services Manufacturing Professional Services Retail and Wholesale

Bridget Blackford

Bridget works with leaders across a range of industries including professional services, government, media, telecommunications, finance, social enterprise and start-ups. Her ability to translate the diverse professional and personal experiences of her clients into tangible resources for professional growth enables her to work with individuals from varied backgrounds and professions.

Financial Services Information Technology Media Professional Services Telecommunications Social Services

Louise Bodlander

With her wealth of experience in management and leadership roles, it is no wonder Louise’s coaching clients rave about working with her. Louise is well-versed in navigating the pressures of product positioning, revenue growth, customer experience and managing teams and departments. Coupled with her experience mentoring and coaching for the past 15 years, Louise has a strong foundation to help those she works with to become effective, confident managers.

Financial Services Information Technology Professional Services

Karina Campbell

With over 25 years’ HR management experience and 15 years of coaching, Karina is one of our most experienced coaches. Karina leaves no stone unturned: she creates an open and trusting environment for those she works with so that she can get the root cause of issues and challenge their thought processes and current practices.

Financial Services Healthcare Retail and Wholesale

Anne Clarke

Anne is a highly experienced and successful senior leader having led and managed teams across the UK and Europe. Anne has always had a passion for helping people to be the best they can and prides herself on changing the lives of many individuals. Anne has a natural professionalism and warmth that enables her to connect naturally with people. Her enthusiasm and positivity are infectious.

Construction Education Financial Services Professional Services Social Services

Justine Cox

Justine is a leadership specialist with over 20 years working in human resources across both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Having led small and large teams and worked with with hundreds of managers, Justine understands that leadership is the difference between mediocre and remarkable.

Financial Services Social Services

Tony Curl

Tony spent over 30 years in operational leadership positions in the retail sector, leading large teams (up to 300 team members) and managing high revenue (up to $300 million). During his operational leadership career, he discovered a passion for developing others and this ignited a desire to be a professional coach.

Education Hospitality / Tourism Manufacturing Retail and Wholesale

Wendy Derrick

Wendy’s career spans across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, with the majority of her career spent in Policing as Head of Organisational Training. She has experienced the pressures and challenges facing today’s managers and this drives her passion for coaching and developing the psychological resilience and leadership capability of managers.

Construction Information Technology

Melanie Disley

Mel has been in the training and development industry for the past 20 years, working both for and with a variety of industries and organisation sizes across public, private and third sectors. Much of this time has been spent in leadership roles and, having moved into freelance consultancy in 2008, Mel has been delivering training, coaching & mentoring and assessment across a wide range of leadership and management areas.

Education Healthcare Media Professional Services

Michael Harris

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in Leadership Development, fulfilling consulting roles in full time & associate positions. Currently based in Singapore he has led and managed teams in the UK & Australia and worked extensively across Asia, working on multiple leadership development and coaching projects with multinational organisations.

Financial Services Healthcare Information Technology Manufacturing Professional Services Telecommunications

Trish Hazlett

After working in senior/executive roles in New Zealand for over 28 years, Trish wanted to turn her energy to building that same knowledge, experience and confidence in others.

Healthcare Information Technology Retail and Wholesale Utilities

Natasha Hita

Natasha spent over 20 years in corporate management roles in law, media and investment banking before becoming a leadership development coach to help others navigate the pressures of people management. With her commercial expertise and warm, empathetic style, Natasha is able to build trust quickly and drive insightful and valuable interactions with the managers she coaches.

Financial Services Media Professional Services

Kristen Knowles

With extensive expertise in leadership development, Kristen has created and overseen multiple coaching and leadership programs for global companies. She specialises in offering unique leadership and coaching experiences that create impactful moments with practical tools that you can immediately start implementing.

Healthcare Information Technology Professional Services Retail and Wholesale Social Services

Mick Martin

Mick is a proud Koori man from Victoria. He began his participation in the business sector in the 1980’s working for the Australian Trade Commission. Since then he has worked with Indigenous Communities in NSW, NT and Queensland in a variety of academic, community development and business development roles.

Education Media Professional Services Social Services

Sam McGee

Having experienced the operational pressures of working in top 100 ASX listed organisations in the waste industry for many years, Sam confidently listens to and analyses her managers’ situations and provides clear, practical solutions to help them succeed. Coupled up with Sam’s supportive and personable approach, this makes Sam one of our most in-demand coaches. Once managers have Sam to talk to and rely on, they don’t want to let her go!

Waste Management

Loretta Mitchell

Building on 20+ years' experience advising diverse teams across Asia Pacific, the US and the UK, Loretta enjoys combining her vast operational knowledge with her passion for developing people. Loretta has an engaging and approachable style, encouraging her clients to take ownership of the development process while challenging them to see new perspectives.

Financial Services Healthcare Mining Professional Services Retail and Wholesale Transport

Mary Morris

Drawing from over 15 years in management and leadership roles, and 18 years as an organisational development consultant, Mary has the ability to provide best practice insights in her coaching relationships around leadership, managing teams, change management and communication.

Education Financial Services Retail and Wholesale Telecommunications

Fleur Mouchemore

With over 15 years’ corporate experience across a wide range of industries, and 8 years of learning and development experience, Fleur understands the practical aspects of leadership and how to develop and get the most out of others.

Education Transport

Richard Powell

Having dedicated his career to teaching and developing others in a corporate setting, it is no surprise Richard is an extremely gifted and passionate coach. Richard’s speciality is his ability to coach a wide range of managers: differing levels, industries, locations and cultural backgrounds. No matter who he is coaching, Richard makes sure that they uphold their end of the deal: be open to learning and trying new approaches, and committed to making the necessary changes on the job.

Financial Services Mining Waste Management

Rita Ross

Rita is a transformational coach passionate about people and helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations. With 30+ years of working in business, leading teams and in a variety of roles, Rita's focus has always been on supporting individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations through growing their confidence and skills.

Financial Services Social Services

Faith Styles

With 15 years of corporate experience in sales, finance and project management roles, Faith has experienced all of the operational pressures of working in middle and senior management roles.

Education Healthcare Manufacturing Retail and Wholesale

Ilona Vass

As a coach, Ilona helps others to grow and transform their business and personal success by improving their communication and conflict strategies. Ilona is qualified in coaching for learning transfer, helping to ensure that what is learnt in the coaching process is applied on-the-job.

Construction Education Hospitality / Tourism Transport

Anna Webb

With 25 years’ experience in learning and development, Anna’s value proposition is to work with people to improve the resilience, wellbeing, and performance of leaders and their people. Taking the latest research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience, Anna supports individuals and organisations by introducing effective workplace interventions to enable people to flourish.

Financial Services Healthcare Media Retail and Wholesale Transport

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

Kirsteen is an experienced senior leader with 15 years experience at Director level in a large corporation. Having led large businesses with responsibility for all aspects of the business, Kirsteen has a proven track record in delivering commercial growth and cultural transformation across large teams (>500 people).

Financial Services Professional Services

Anne Zele

Anne is a people development specialist with extensive management and people development experience. She has led large and small teams for start-up companies as well as large multinational companies, in both local and international roles.

Education Healthcare

Maria Zerella

Maria has a wealth of experience in management roles in the government sector, and over 5 years’ coaching experience across a variety of sectors. Maria’s experience and style translates across managers from all types of roles, industries and cultural backgrounds. Maria currently coaches managers all over the world with Leadership Success, including Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia.


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