Analyse the knowledge, skills and effectiveness of leaders at all levels

Analysing knowledge and skills

Each participant completes a practical and objective online assessment. We ask them to identify the best and worst approach to 40 real-world scenarios.

Our AI engine compares responses to our leadership knowledge and skills benchmarks - comprised of the results from over 10,000 previous participants. 

You can review each of your team member's performance vs the Leadership Success benchmarks, online. By highlighting a leaders's knowledge and skills gaps, we can tailor a plan to meet their individual development needs. 

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Analysing knowledge and skills

Analysing effectiveness

Leadership Success send a short survey to each partipant's colleagues, team members, and 1-up manager(s). A snapshot of perceived effectiveness across the leader's day-to-day interactions is captured. 

Reported strengths and weaknesses for each leader are categorised, prioritised and highlighted in an online dashboard.

Subjective insights from the team are lined up with objective data from skills testing. You are given the richest possible view of each individual's development needs.

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Organisational development goals

Your organisation's current challenges and context are an integral part of the planning process.

Discovery and on-boarding sessions give the opportunity for you to provide input at both the individual participant and overall organisation level.

Your team may be collectively facing a specific challenge. If so, we ensure that all participants prioritise development of leadership goals enabling them to meet your challenge head-on.

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