Build the leadership skills of your team

For the same cost as sending your people to offsite training for a few days, we can work with them one on one, for 12 months

Here's how it works


Online testing rapidly identifies skills gaps and performance issues within your team


Accredited coaches guide your people through a tailored individual development plan


Measure performance improvements and ROI over time using our online platform

assessment Assessment

Assess development needs

Each leader completes a practical and objective online assessment. We ask them to identify the best and worst approach to 40 real-world scenarios.

Our AI engine compares each participant's responses to our knowledge and skills benchmarks - comprised of the results from over 10,000 previous participants

You get visibility of each of your leader's strengths and weaknesses across various categories of leadership. This objective, scientific assessment allows you to see those team members that are ready to meet your current business challenges - and how to focus your development budget on those needing help.

Assess development needs

onlinecoaching  Coaching

1 to 1 leadership coaching

1 to 1 leadership coaching - delivered on the phone, online, or in person - provides a truly personalised experience to each participant.

Working with an accredited coach, participants gain access to a neutral expert in leadership. Their support and advice helps each of your key people navigate through their own development journey.

Participants work with coaches on the leadership goals that are most important to them in their role right now. This ensures that your team gains maximum impact and relevance from their coaching time.

1 to 1 leadership coaching

results  Results

Measure results

You get a real-time view of development progress, enabling you to monitor the situation as leaders in your team complete their individual goals.

Skills, effectiveness and goal achievement are regularly "pulsed" by coaches, gathering up-to-date data and team feedback to measure progress. Through this regular monitoring, we enable you to see tangible performance improvements over time, and ensure lasting behavioral change.

Once the desired level of performance in a particular leadership discipline is achieved, the goal can be set to complete. The individual is ready to move on to their next challenge...


Our most popular leadership coaching package for teams

Featured inclusions
  • 12 x 45 minute phone or video call coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-learning
  • Unlimited access to on the job action plans and guides
  • Online platform for individual goal tracking
  • 1-up manager access to view individuals progress and track performance over time
  • Unlimited skills and performance assessments for each individual manager over 12 months

$2200 per user per year (ex GST)

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Results that speak for themselves

We’ve helped over 10,000 managers become leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand

91% of leaders we’ve worked with say:

  • I’m very satisfied with my coach
  • It’s the best training or development they have ever done

Some feedback from the leaders we've worked with:

"My coach was very knowledgeable and personable. Good examples catered directly to my specific team. Has improved my capacity as a leader and was good to discuss matters with."


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