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Online assessments to determine development needs and goals

Learner platform

Manage development plans, access eLearning and goals all in one place

Virtual coaching

Virtual coaching and development delivered anywhere, worldwide


Full visibility and ROI for HR and business leaders


We are the pioneers of the original objective management skills assessment.  We also provide a range of proprietary 180/270/360 degree assessments as part of the online platform.

In addition, our coaches are certified to deliver and debrief every popular (and most obscure) personality and preferences assessments available in the market today.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate assessment timing based on your specific goals and participant profiles.


Learner platform

Over 13 years, we've evolved some seriously powerful technology. Using vast benchmark data and Artificial Intelligence, we identify and recommend development goals for each individual.

Each individual, working with their coach can prioritise AI suggested development goals, or create completely custom goals to focus on.


Virtual coaching

Our technology includes coaching via video conferencing and telephone. This is how 1 to 1 coaching can be delivered cost effectively and at large scale.

You can rest assured, we have the technology to support your people anytime, anywhere. It's the most flexible, yet powerful leadership development solution available.

virtual coaching


For HR teams, 1-up managers and Executives, our online platform provides complete transparency and everything you need to know.

From assessment results, development goals and priorities, coach utilisation, performance improvements, ROI and more.


Get ready for results with the "wow" factor!

After delivering over a thousand leadership programs
we know exactly what works, and what doesn't.


Average performance increase

40% increase in job performance of participants on average


Participant satisfaction

97% of participants either satisfied or very satisfied



Coached by Leadership Success from all levels of management


Coaching hours

Delivered since 2007

We have the flexibility to meet any leadership development challenge. Let's work together in a way that suits you.

Whatever your situation, needs or budget
you can rely on us to help you achieve leadership success.

Ready solutions

Provide flexible development programs

Flexible solutions

Address specific leadership challenges

Expert coaches with a proven track record.

Skip painful interactions with pushy salespeople and go straight to the good stuff.
Our experts will work directly with you, starting from your free consultation.

Talk directly with an expert, not a salesperson.
Here's what you get with your free consultation

Feedback and review

Harnessing a combined 600+ years of experience in developing leaders in organisations of all sizes, our experts provide invaluable feedback and advice.

Data sharing

Unlock opportunities and avoid common mistakes before they happen using data we've gathered froassessing over 15,000 participants skills, job performance and more. 


Get a leadership development strategy custom made for your organisation.  Our experts will listen to your needs and build you a strategy free of charge.


A custoplan of attack, based on your strategy. From gaining stakeholder buy-in to roll-out to reviewing metrics, we'll make sure the key areas are all considered.


Realistic guidance on minimum & average timeframes for each stage of your leadership development program / project.

Budget analysis

Utilise your available budget to maximum effect. Our experts guide you based on the data we have from thousands of organisations across the globe.