Powerful technology

The LS platform takes personalised coaching and leadership development to the next level. It unlocks an unparalleled experience, without breaking the bank.

Every metric you can imagine from skills data to utilisation, performance improvement, goal tracking, plus a full e-learning and content library are part of our online platform.


Virtual coaching

Our technology includes coaching via video conferencing and telephone. This is how 1 to 1 coaching can be delivered cost effectively and at large scale.

You can rest assured, we have the technology to support your people anytime, anywhere. It's the most flexible, yet powerful leadership development solution available.



We are the pioneers of the original objective management skills assessment.  In addition, we provide a range of proprietary 180/270/360 degree assessments as part of the online platform.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate assessment timing based on your specific goals and participant profiles.


Individual development plans

Over 13 years, we've evolved some seriously powerful technology. Using vast benchmark data and Artificial Intelligence, we identify and recommend development goals for each individual.

Each individual, working with their coach can prioritise AI suggested development goals, or create completely custom goals to focus on. All progress is tracked over time through our online system.


Full visibility

For HR teams, 1-up managers and Executives, our online platform provides complete transparency and everything you need to know.

From assessment results, development goals and priorities, coach utilisation, performance improvements, ROI and so much more.


And so much more

eLearning library
Action plans
Manager dashboards
360 Feedback
Skills assessments
Custom goal creation
AI generated goals
On demand feedback
Advanced analytics
Custom grouping

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