Women in leadership

Research shows there are specific personality traits that are more prevalent in women, which may mean that they are overlooked for promotions despite being the best candidates for the role.

We want to change that.

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women in leadership


Leadership Success is focused on ensuring we provide key strategies to help women shape the world of work in a positive and impactful way. Paired up with some of the most impressive female coaches in the market, we help women:

  • Harness their own unique traits and understand their personal brand
  • Build self awareness
  • Build self confidence
  • Build internal networks and relationships
  • Successfully navigate career conversations

Did you know?

Increasing female representation in leadership positions is a challenge for every sector of the economy in the modern world.

Research studies indicate women make better managers (Gallup, 2015)
In a study of nearly 22,000 publicly traded organizations worldwide, 60% have no female board members (Peterson Institute, 2016)
Globally, women hold just 24% of senior leadership positions. (Forbes Insight Study 2013)

Why Leadership Success

  • Cost effective - For the same price as a few days of group training, get 1 to 1 support for your leaders for a year
  • Targeted - We pinpoint the individual skills gaps in each leader using our proprietary objective skills assessment
  • Reliable - We have 13 years experience delivering hundreds of leadership programs across all sectors of the economy
  • Flexible - We consult with you to ensure the program fits your specific needs
  • Easy - We project manage the development end to end, including internal communications
Hear from our experts

"One of the most powerful aspects of this program once we've unpacked your background. experiences and what might be holding you back, is when we then switch to activating your growth mindset.

If you're going to move forward in your career, you have to seek out new challenges with confidence, trust in your abilities and start to focus on what you can control.

I find that starts to really energise my participants: gets them feeling in control of their key stressors, and excited about their future again"

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1:1 Coaching

Virtual coaching delivered over the phone or videoconference

Objective skills assessments & feedback

Proprietary skills assessments identify individual skills gaps

project management
Project management

You will be assigned a solutions expert to manage the development project

online learning
Targeted learning resources

E-learning, on the job action plans and other resources

full visibilty
Full visibility

The entire end to end process and results are available online, on-demand

online platform
Technology platform

Online platform for participants, 1-up managers, HR and Executives

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