Onsite workshops

Sometimes getting people together in a room is extremely helpful. Although COVID has thrown up a number of challenges to onsite workshops, they remain a great way to build relationships between people in your organisation.

As we return to normality, we continue to provide onsite workshops as an adjunct to 1 to 1 coaching, or can develop a custom workshop for your organisation.


Interactive and fun!

Group workshops are great for working as a team and for learning about other people and parts of the organisation. You can expect LS group workshops to be a fun and engaging day, full of learning, games and reflection, regardless of the topic you choose. 



Bespoke workshops

If there is a specific issue you are looking to address, we are more than happy to develop a bespoke workshop just for you. Starting with our content as a base, or completely from scratch, we'll make the day fun and engaging.


Ready to run workshops

Leadership Styles

Various styles of leadership and how to apply them to get the most out of others.

Self Management

Building greater self-awareness and learning how to positively direct your mindset and behaviour.


Individual styles of communication and how to communicate with clarity and impact.

Managing Teamwork

What drives team effectiveness and how to create the optimum conditions for success

Conflict Management

Strategies for managing interpersonal and team conflict effectively.

Performance Management

Managing the performance of others, including giving feedback and tackling difficult conversations.

Time Management

Taking control of your time, planning, prioritising, and utilising a range of successful time management techniques.


The fundamentals of setting goals and building plans, including aligning plans to strategy.

Change Management

Managing a team through change and how to lead/champion a change initiative.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and how to structure/plan an improvement initiative.

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