Success stories Eleanor Booth

Senior Manager NSW & QLD

Tell us about your role.

I am a Senior Manager (NSW & QLD) at a large not-for-profit in the criminal justice field. I have to manage a large team remotely, and because the nature of our work - highly emotive staff.

What is 1-1 coaching like?

Excellent. Natasha was great. I liked that we got straight to the point and the sessions felt purposeful but I was also given the opportunity to 'talk it out'. Natasha always brought me back to the point and kept me on track.
External supervision or coaching is fantastic. Especially when it is done by a professional coach. I have only ever received internal supervision before and that made it hard to be fully transparent as it was always with my direct manager and it usually got waylaid into operations.

What did you get out of the program?

The primary benefit for me, was being provided an opportunity to solve my problems with an external expert.  I don't have any peers in NSW or QLD so the chance to speak freely in a solutions focused way was very valuable. I now have a better perspective on my leadership style.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

Be clear about your goals for the session.