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Suitable for employees without managerial responsibilities.


For managers

Suitable for managers, team leaders and aspiring leaders.


For HR

Suitable for those with responsibility for people strategy across an organisation or business unit

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A winning formula

Expert coaches

Covering every sector of the economy, we have a depth and breadth of coaches few can match.

Powerful technology

From precision targeted development to measuring ROI, our remote learning tech is world class.

Vast experience

13 years, 900+ leadership programs and 15,000 participants. Practice has made near-perfect.

Expert coaches

We place enormous value on delivering a high quality coaching experience for every organisation that we work with, and we can’t do that without great coaches.

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Powerful technology

A complete platform to target individualised development remotely across your organisation. Assess, develop, manage and measure outcomes.

Remote development

Remote coaching and development delivered anywhere, worldwide

Learner platform

Manage development plans, access eLearning and goals all in one place


Online assessments to determine development needs and goals


Full visibility and ROI for HR and business leaders

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Vast experience

13 years, 900+ leadership programs and 15,000 participants. Practice has made near-perfect.


Participant satisfaction

97% of participants either satisfied or very satisfied


Improved job performance

40% average increase in job performance of participants


Leadership programs

Designed and delivered since 2007


Client satisfaction

98% of client either satisfied or very satisfied

“We engaged Leadership Success to develop leaders from a systematic point and ensure learning is embedded into practice. The reason we chose Leadership Success was their delivery methodology, flexibility and the quality of their coaches.

They have a great product, a great platform with lots of organizational data. And they really help manage and report on the program as well as regular problem solving. They have a winning program, offer great support and coordination and you will achieve results!”

“We have been using the Leadership Success program for a few of our upcoming leaders over the past 2 years. Everyone who has been through it has had a positive experience.

It seems like the tools combined with the coaching is the key. Also having a coach who is separate to our business removes potential biases thus giving the participant the opportunity to share their thoughts more openly. I am sure this has led to improved outcomes for the individual and in turn for our organisation.”

“After considering a number of options for a suitable and effective leadership development programme we have been using the Leadership Success programme for a couple of years with our managers and team leaders with very positive results and feedback.

The mixture of relevant skill modules and one-on-one coaching has proved to be an ideal combination that has achieved strong results. It is cost effective and is a good return on investment.”

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