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Whether you are an individual looking to build your leadership skills, or an organisation looking to build your leadership pipeline, you have come to the right place. Leadership Success delivers coaching and training that is world-class and extremely affordable.

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  • Assess leadership skills and performance
  • Deliver coaching to anyone, anywhere at any time
  • Deliver face to face workshops at your premises, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
  • Measure the results and impact on performance

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Since 2012, over 10,000 leaders supported from organisations of all shapes and sizes


Backed by science

Our focus is on ensuring that leaders in your organisation - and their teams - are as effective as possible. We do this by helping your leaders to apply scientifically tested leadership theory in a practical, straight forwards way.

Our leadership development platform relies on evidence-based methods from behavioural science, neuroscience and management theory. 

Our Director of R&D, Professor E. James Kehoe PhD – an experimental and behavioral psychologist - contributes a significant amount of research effort to ensure we stay at the forefront of evidence-based practice.


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