Leadership development
for everyone

Coach guided leadership development
for individuals, teams and organisations.

Skip the pushy sales conversations.
Talk directly to an expert not a salesperson.

We help individuals, teams and organisations.

Whatever your organisation size, or industry, we help you achieve leadership success.

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Invest 45 minutes per week.
Start seeing real results.

Focused learning guided by an expert coach.
We're with you every step of the way.

Step 1.

Cut down your learning time by 85%.

If you already know something, why waste time learning it again?

Step 2.
Individual goal setting

Our AI engine recommends job specific development goals for you.

You can choose to focus on these, or something else altogether.

Step 3.
Virtual coaching

One on one support breaks down the barriers to success.

Stay on track and move towards your goals.

Step 4.
Review progress

Tick your goals off with your coach.

Watch the positive feedback roll in from colleagues and your boss.

Expert coaches with a proven track record.

Skip painful interactions with pushy salespeople and go straight to the good stuff.
You are paired with an expert from day one.

Results with the "wow" factor!

We've coached over 25,000 leaders at all levels.
We know exactly what works, and what doesn't.


Average performance increase

40% increase in job performance of participants on average


Participant satisfaction

97% of participants either satisfied or very satisfied



Coached by Leadership Success from all levels of management


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Delivered since 2007