Individualised leadership development programs

Develop people as individuals, not numbers. At even the largest scale.

Ultimate flexibility


Reasonably priced for all employee levels, easy to launch


Leveraging technology means that we can work with 1 or 10,000 employees at a time


Tracking sessions, achievements and return on investment


Completely individualised and tailored to the individual and their own work environment

Our development programs

Types of development programs we run with our own coaches

Building better leaders

Developing fundamental leadership skills and on-the-job leadership effectiveness.


Enabling better decisions

Developing the skills to foster effective group decision-making including navigating cognitive bias.

Diversity & Inclusion

Targeted programs

Supporting individuals as part of targeted diversity and inclusion programs such as Indigenous or female leadership progression.

Unique program elements

Our development programs consist of the following components
Leader involvement

Direct leader or direct manager involvement is built into the infrastructure of the program.

Interactions take place with the coach, participant and leader including:

  • Leader check-in to agree on development priorities and ensure all stakeholders are aligned
  • Leader completion handovers to share wins and successes and agree on what’s next for the participant's development.
Measurement and dashboards

  • Results of assessments
    Individual and group based results including the ability to filter by your choice of data points. For example, role, location, function.
  • Session and coaching hours tracking
    Coaching sessions and hours used are tracked and measured over time.
  • Goal tracking
    Development goals generated, being worked on and completed are tracked and measured.
  • Improvement measurement
    Retesting allows for skill and performance improvements to be measured and reported on.
  • Feedback measurement
    Live feedback scores allow you to gauge how the program is landing with the participants.
Learner resources

  • Individual goals and action plans
    Progress through the program is achieved through completion of individual development goals and action plans
  • Online session booking and management
    Sessions are booked online and at a time that suits each individual's workload and schedule
  • eLearning
    Each individual gets access to full library of online resources including eLearning, guides and articles


Launch support and presentations

  • Launch support
    Proper engagement in our programs is a priority. We work through how best to launch considering your unique working environment.
  • Presentations
    Upfront presentations and welcome calls are included in our service.


ERA has been using Leadership Success to better equip our Supervisors and Superintendents with genuine leadership competencies along with individual coaching to their improvement areas. We have found the program to be genuine, welcomed by our participants and scalable to a bigger cohort.

The benefit of the program has been its flexibility and also that the coaches align our people to existing tools and policies which ensures more use of the internal systems and supports from leaders.

Equipping our leaders with a direct investment and focus on leadership competencies (Communication, Managing Conflict, Leadership, Innovation) is also key to ensuring our leaders better respect diversity in our workforce and gain comfort that leadership is a skill which can be grown.


Brad Welsh

Chief Executive Officer


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