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13 years, 90,000 coaching hours and 15,000 participants. Practice has made near-perfect.



Coached by Leadership Success from all levels of management


Coaching hours

Delivered since 2007


Participant satisfaction

97% of participants either satisfied or very satisfied


Improved job performance

40% average increase in job performance of participants

The evolution of our story over the last 13 years.

The founding of Leadership Success
Leadership Success is founded with the desire to provide training and development that is focused on application of learning, not just training.
First major corporate wins
Leadership Success signs three major corporate customers, Transpacific Industries (now Cleanaway), GE Capital (now Latitude) and Hyundai.
The team expands
Winning of major contracts allows LS to hire dedicated systems and content development staff and the pace of innovation picks up rapidly
Major research partnership formed
LS forms research partnership with Professor E.J Kehoe. This allows us to develop and validate the world’s first management skills assessment.
Skills assessment released and growth explodes
Objective manager skills assessment is released and is a hit. In the first 12 months alone over 100 clients sign-up and 5,000+ managers are assessed.
Effectiveness assessment released
Building on the success of our skills assessment, we use our research partnership to develop an assessment that links coaching directly to manager performance outcomes
LS goes global
LS develops a solution for monitoring development in real time. The immense demand for this “closed loop” system means LS hires coaches in many locations around the world and becomes a global company.
Do you become part of the story?
What was once considered the “holy grail“ of development is now a reality. Flexible coaching solutions, that focus on the needs of each individual and technology that can measure performance improvement and ROI over time.

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