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Barbra was an excellent career coach. I was able to have conversations with her about my career that were much more productive than with any mentors or co-workers in the past. She helped me to make an action plan to achieve a specific career goal. She was very insightful and encouraging, and gave me a renewed confidence in my skills and talents. I would recommend her to anyone looking for career coaching.



Barbra was a calm and super-effective sounding board for my classic work life dilemma - should I continue to attempt to move upwards at work or adjust the balance and be happy with what felt like the slow lane? Barbra got me to work hard and I wouldn't say it was easy, but I emerged a few months later with an entirely unexpected sense of peace and a deeper understanding of what I really wanted. I warmly recommend her.


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As a coach, Barbra has a very calm and easy to talk to manner which enabled me to explore and challenge myself in our sessions across a variety of topics. Barbra is naturally compassionate and understanding and has a great way of asking questions that help to better understand how your mind works - so she can tailor her coaching approach to suit how you think and process information. I fully recommend Barbra as a coach!


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Time to consider your career options?

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Virtual coaching

2 hours of 1-1 virtual coaching with me

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30 day career plan

Identify what you should focus on right now

development plan

6-12 month career plan

How to keep moving in the right direction


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1hr to discuss your current situation - Stay put, move up, move out, start a side hustle?

Bespoke 30 day career plan - Where are the quick wins? Is it your cv, networking, having a conversation with your boss, or something else?

1hr to review your progress and discuss your goals for the next 6-12 months

Bespoke 6- 12 month career plan - Documenting your career goals and the action items required to achieve them

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