How coaching can help you deliver more authentic leadership

Effective leaders are authentic leaders. Authentic leaders inspire and motivate their teams to achieve their best work, which can lead to improved performance and productivity.

Authentic leaders are known for their honesty, integrity, and transparency, which, in turn, enhances the reputation of the organisation, making it more attractive to employees, customers, and partners alike.

What is authentic leadership and how can coaching help you develop a more authentic leadership culture in your organisation?


What is authentic leadership?

 Authentic leadership is effective leadership that encourages leaders and those in their teams to be genuine, transparent and consistent in their actions and words. Authentic leaders have a strong sense of their own and company values and are inspired to act in line with those values with belief and purpose.

Authentic leadership is also open to feedback and is willing to admit mistakes. It focuses on creating an open, genuine and positive culture that centres on innovation, collaboration and creativity. And it’s underpinned by the simple idea that the most effective and compelling leaders are those who are true to themselves and their values and who look to lead with integrity and authenticity.


Why is authentic leadership important?


Authentic leadership styles can lead to improved team performance by inspiring greater motivation and productivity.

Employees who work for authentic leaders are more likely to feel satisfied, challenged and fulfilled in their work. This can help to attract better candidates to key roles and can support increased retention and reduced turnover.

Authentic leadership is rooted in sound values and practices that, when applied across your organisation, can not only make your employees more effective but can also enhance your company's reputation.

Authentic leaders create a positive and open culture that encourages innovation and creativity, which can lead to new ideas and opportunities across the business.

Finally, authentic leaders make decisions that are aligned with and informed by their values and beliefs. This can support more effective decision-making and better outcomes for the organisation.

authentic leadership coaching

How can leadership coaching help you develop an authentic leadership style?

Leadership coaching helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, creating the kind of self-awareness that underpins authentic leadership. It gives leaders the tools and resources they need to become more effective, and to act more consistently in line with their values and beliefs.

Through developing greater confidence in your leadership abilities you can become more authentic in your leadership style. Leaders learn to trust their values, beliefs and insights which enables them to act in a more authentic way.

Communication is key to an authentic leadership style and through leadership coaching you can learn to communicate transparently and openly with your team. This helps to foster a greater sense of trust. People who work in organisations with an authentic leadership culture where honesty is valued also feel supported.

The key to your future success

 Leadership development is a long-term, ongoing process. It creates a working culture where self-development and openness to change are encouraged. As more people from within your organisation undergo leadership training, the overall culture of the organisation changes. It becomes more productive, ambitious and innovative. This, in turn, can support future growth and development.

Unlocking the potential of your current and future leadership team is the key to the future success of your organisation.

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