DiSC for Leaders: Which DiSC style is best for leadership?

Leadership assessment tools can provide an effective and adaptable means by which to gauge particular skills, abilities and competencies. Different tools have different aims in mind and have been developed to assess various aspects of an individual’s personality, behaviour, cognitive approach and leadership skillset.

The DiSC assessment is a valuable tool for individuals and organisations. It measures four main personality traits to help understand how people behave in the workplace.

DiSC assessment

What is a DiSC assessment?

The DiSC assessment is a popular tool that provides valuable insights into how people work, behave and react in the workplace. It’s valued for the insights it can provide into leadership potential and the role it can play in helping to forge cohesive and well-functioning teams. The benefits of DiSC assessment are varied, making it a versatile tool within organisations.

What are the 4 DiSC personality types?

 DiSC” is an acronym that stands for the four primary personality types that are identified through the assessment. The 4 DiSC assessment types are:

  • Dominance (D) 

People identified as having a dominant personality type tend to be direct, assertive and strongly results-oriented. They are motivated by challenges, willing to make difficult decisions and enjoy taking charge.

  • Influence (I)

People with an influential style lean towards the sociable and are enthusiastic and persuasive. They enjoy motivating others and building relationships and are usually skilled communicators. These types are known for their ability to energise and motivate teams.

  • Steadiness (S)

People with a steady personality style have high levels of patience, are dependable and tend to be empathetic. They look to building collaborative relationships that support team stability. These types tend to be viewed as supportive and reliable.

  • Conscientiousness (C)

Individuals who are identified as being conscientious are known for having a strong attention to detail and focus. They tend to have developed analytical skills, placing emphasis on accuracy and quality in their work. These are systematic leaders with strong planning and organisational skills.

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Which is the rarest DiSC personality type?

DiSC personality types are well spread across groups and within organisations. Different groups of people and workplaces may encourage certain personality types through a past bias in recruitment and selection. The DiSC assessment for leadership can help to address some of these biases, helping to develop a more rounded leadership team. The aim of DiSC is not to label or rank individuals but to create a fuller understanding of their unique qualities, tendencies and preferences.

How do you take a DiSC assessment?

A DiSC assessment requires you to respond to a series of questions or statements that gauge your personality and behavioural traits. The DiSC profile assessment can be administered online and takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. After completing the assessment you will receive your personalised DiSC profile outlining your personality style.

How reliable is a DiSC assessment?

The DiSC assessment is regarded as a reliable tool for measuring an individual’s personality traits. When correctly administered and interpreted, DiSC assessment will provide valuable insights into how an individual will operate in the workplace. As with any leadership assessment tool, individual variation in result reliability will exist with self-awareness playing a crucial role in its accuracy.

Why use DiSC analysis for leadership development?

DiSC analysis can support leadership development by fostering self-awareness and insights into personality styles and behaviours. DiSC assessment tools can assist leaders in tailoring their communication and leadership approach to suit the team’s diverse DiSC styles. Through understanding their own dominant personality type, leaders can identify their own strengths, as well as areas that need improvements.

By shedding light on preferred communication styles, DiSC assessment enhances leadership communication to enable leaders to connect with team members more effectively.

What DiSC personality type is best for leadership?

 There is no universal answer to which DiSC personality type is best for leadership. The overall effectiveness of a leader’s DiSC style will depend on a range of factors, including the specific leadership role, the needs of the team or project, as well as the organisational culture.

Each DiSC style brings with it unique strengths to leadership. It’s also important to remember that DiSC assessment can help an individual to understand where they are stronger, and how they may benefit from developing leadership qualities and leadership skills associated with other personality types. For instance, dominant personality types may look to develop their empathy, or conscientious types may wish to become more willing to take calculated risks.

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