What are the Hogan assessments?

Leadership assessment tools can provide an effective and adaptable means by which to gauge particular skills, abilities and competencies. Different tools have different aims in mind and have been developed to assess various aspects of an individual’s personality, behaviour, cognitive approach and leadership skills, as well as their leadership qualities.

Hogan assessments are a valuable tool in the modern workplace. These are a set of personality assessment tools that have been developed to assess different aspects of an individual's personality, providing insights into their values, behaviours and potential performance in the workplace.

Hogan leadership assessments are widely used in leadership development, as well as organisational psychology, talent management and selection processes.

hogan leadership assessment

What are the Hogan leadership types?

 Six leadership styles are identified through the Hogan assessment test. These are:

  • Thought Leader

Thought leaders are workplace visionaries. They believe that even the most mundane problem may have a creative solution. They are willing to push their team to explore, try out new ideas and stretch themselves into unknown territory.

  • Social Leader

Social leaders are egalitarians, viewing their teams as equals and seeking consensus before moving forward. They can create loyal, tightly knit teams committed to achieving goals and working towards the common good.

  • Process Leader

Process leaders take a disciplined approach to team management, ensuring that successful ways of working are maintained. Structure and order are key to the management style of process leaders.

  • Data Leader 

Data leaders use accurate information and data to inform their decision-making process. Metrics and quantifiable goals are used to measure progress, team performance and overall success. Data leaders allow data to speak for itself.

  • Results Leader

Results leaders are ambitious, goals-driven individuals who drive their team to achieve. They expect high standards from themselves and those around them. Results leaders are willing to be flexible and unconventional if it gets results.

  • People Leaders

People leaders are empathetic and look to build strong relationships with and between team members. They work hard to ensure that everyone feels valued and positive about their role. They believe that success comes from a happy, supportive team.

What are the Hogan leadership attributes?

When it comes to effective leadership, Hogan assessments identify four key attributes:

  • Integrity

Effective leaders act with integrity, inspiring confidence and admiration in their team.

  • Judgement

Good leaders can take on board a range of complex information and then make decisions based on it.

  • Competence

A successful leader is good at what they do. They have a record of success and delivery that reassures and motivates those around them.

  • Vision

Good leaders can communicate a wider vision to their team, developing an achievable means by which to realise that vision.

hogan assessment

What is a Hogan leadership assessment?

 The Hogan Leadership Assessment is a comprehensive set of assessments that are designed to evaluate an individual’s leadership potential, personality and work-related behaviour. It comprises multiple components:

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

This assesses day-to-day personality traits for selection and leadership development.

  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

This assessment focuses on the traits that may emerge under stress to predict leadership challenges.

  • Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

This identifies core values and what motivates an individual’s career development.

  • Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

This assessment evaluates the cognitive abilities which will determine how an individual approaches a decision.

  • Hogan Judgement Assessment (HJA)

This measures a leader’s judgement and decision-making skills in a workplace business context.

What questions are asked in a Hogan assessment?

The questions asked in a Hogan assessment will depend on which assessment within the Hogan Assessment Suite is being administered. As each of the Hogan assessments assesses different aspects of a leader’s behaviour, cognitive abilities and personality, the questions asked will reflect the focus of the particular assessment.

Can you prepare for the Hogan test?

It’s essential to prepare for a Hogan leadership assessment. This will usually combine self-reflection into your own leadership style, strengths and challenges, with practice sample questions. Time should be taken to ensure you fully understand the aims and format of the particular assessment being undertaken.


How do you pass a Hogan leadership assessment?

There is no right or wrong answer in a Hogan leadership assessment. It’s important to answer the questions truthfully, to ensure that the insights it provides are accurate. Preparing for the assessment by answering practice test questions can help you become more confident prior to taking the assessment.

What is a good Hogan result?

How Hogan Assessment results are interpreted will depend on the specific context, the purpose of the assessment, the insights that it provides for both the individual and organisation, as well as the requirements of the role.

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