What is the Korn Ferry leadership assessment?

Leadership assessment tools can provide an effective and adaptable means by which to gauge particular skills, abilities and competencies. Different tools have different aims in mind and have been developed to assess various aspects of an individual’s personality, behaviour, cognitive approach and leadership skillset.

Korn Ferry leadership assessment is an established tool used to evaluate and develop leadership potential. It explores various aspects of leadership competencies, helping organisations make informed decisions about leadership development. The Korn Ferry assessment of leadership potential can inform decisions about succession planning.

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What type of companies use Korn Ferry?

A wide range of companies use Korn Ferry, including some of the biggest names in global business. Multinational corporations often use a Korn Ferry leadership assessment test to evaluate and develop leaders at various levels of the organisation.

Consulting firms, law firms and other professional services companies use Korn Ferry to identify and nurture leadership potential. Korn Ferry assessments are also used by financial institutions to nurture leaders who are able to navigate the increased complexities of the financial sector. Tech giants and start-ups alike use Korn Ferry to identify the high-calibre, innovative leaders they require.

In fact, Korn Ferry is used across different industries in companies of different sizes, as well as in health institutions and public sector bodies.

How do I prepare for Korn Ferry assessment?

Preparation is essential to achieve the best possible results for a Korn Ferry leadership assessment. Individuals should familiarise themselves with the structure, format and objects of the assessment. Available materials and resources should be reviewed to gain insights into what to expect. Free assessment materials are available online.

Candidates should reflect on their leadership experiences, competencies and any areas they believe they may need to improve. This helps the individual align their self-perception with assessment. Consider soliciting feedback from colleagues, coaches and mentors on your leadership performance.

You can prepare for the Korn Ferry leadership assessment by using sample questions or practice assessments. Feedback from colleagues mentors and coaches is invaluable to developing insights into your leadership abilities.

It’s important to keep a calm, focused mindset during the assessment. Ensure you allocate sufficient time to complete each section and pay close attention to any instructions provided in the assessment.

Is Korn Ferry assessment hard?

The difficulty of the Korn Ferry assessment can vary depending on the particular assessment tool being used, what is being assessed and the individual’s own leadership skills and leadership qualities. Assessments for senior leadership roles can be more complex and rigorous when compared to those for entry-level positions. Adequate preparation and a clear understanding of the assessment’s objectives can help individuals perform well on Korn Ferry assessments.


korn ferry leadership assessment

What are the levels at Korn Ferry?

Korn Ferry tailors its assessments to address the unique challenges and competencies required at each leadership level.

The levels include:

  • Individual Contributors

These are assessments and programs for employees not yet in leadership roles but who may possess leadership potential.

  • First-Level Leaders

 Assessments tailored for individuals in entry-level or supervisory positions.

  • Mid-Level Leaders

 Assessments developed for leaders who manage larger teams and have more significant responsibilities.

  • Senior Leaders

 Assessments developed for senior managers and high-level executives who play a critical role in strategy and decision-making.

  • Executive Leadership 

Assessment targeted at top executives, including CEOs and senior executives who are responsible for shaping the direction and culture of the organisation.

How accurate is Korn Ferry assessment?

Korn Ferry assessments have been developed using rigorous research and psychometric principles to strengthen their accuracy and reliability. They have been designed to provide an objective evaluation of the skills and behaviours of leaders and would-be leaders.

When they are conducted and interpreted by trained professionals, the Korn Ferry assessment can provide a highly accurate indication of the leadership abilities of the people being assessed.

What is the passing score for the Korn Ferry test?

Korn Ferry assessments are used to develop a comprehensive evaluation of leadership competencies, and scores are used for deeper developmental understanding. As a result, they do not have a traditional “pass” or “fail” score as on standardised tests.

Rather than passing or failing, organisations can use the results to identify areas for leadership development. The focus is on steady improvement and continuous growth to enhance leadership capabilities.

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