Why personal development is important to leadership

Personal development is important for both the individual and their employer. It’s what helps individuals strengthen their skills, take on new challenges and gain new perspectives.

While companies and organisations may have formal training programmes for members of staff, personal development is self-directed and managed. The individual has greater self-ownership of the process as well as responsibility for their outcome. They are invested in developing their professional and personal skills to become more effective leaders. Furthermore, they are motivated to make a success of their training and to implement what they have learned in their leadership role.

As well as illustrating an individual’s commitment to strengthening their skills, what other benefits can personal development deliver and why is it critical to effective leadership?

personal development in leadership

Become a more reflective leader

Personal development challenges leaders to take a critical look at their strengths, weaknesses, and workplace performance. Undertaking a programme of personal development develops the confidence you need to become more self-reflective.

Develop greater self-direction

Being committed to ongoing personal development helps leaders think about their own goals. It helps them gain a greater sense of ownership over their careers and future direction. They are able to see how improving their own and their team’s performance in their current role advances them towards their own personal goals. As a result, corporate and personal goals become better integrated.

Good leaders are always learning

Good leadership requires openness to new ideas and approaches. If older ways of thinking and acting are not delivering the kind of results you might expect, then a good leader will be willing and able to rethink. Personal development allows leaders to refine their approach to leadership, incorporating leadership approaches and challenging old ways of doing things.

Strengthen personal and professional relationships

Personal development can help leaders become more reflective and empathetic. They can develop better interpersonal skills, enabling them to build stronger professional relationships. This, in turn, can foster greater productivity, not only for the leader themselves but also for their teams. It can also have a positive impact on personal relationships, creating a greater sense of well-being.

Develop new strategies to overcome challenges

The leadership of any company or organisation throws up plenty of situations for which you have not explicitly prepared. To be able to meet these challenges in an effective and productive way is one of the key tests of effective leadership. Leaders who undertake personal development programmes become better able to meet new and unexpected challenges. This ultimately results in better results for the organisation overall.

personal development in leadership

Personal development training from Leadership Success

Leadership Success can help you take a proactive approach to your personal development. Our bespoke leadership development programmes are completely tailored to the particular needs and goals of each individual. They help you become a self-reflective and motivated leader better able to make effective decisions within your workplace.

By working with one of our highly experienced experts you can develop the skills and competencies you need to become a more effective leader and meet your personal goals.

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