Questions to ask a leadership coach

If you have invested in leadership coaching then you will want to see results. By the end of your coaching period, you should see tangible improvements in your overall performance. Along the way, you should see changes in your perspective and how you approach your work. Your coaching journey should be about laying the foundations for future success.

To get the most from leadership coaching you need to be as engaged as possible. Asking the right questions both before and during your coaching can help clarify your aims and guide your progress.

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The questions to ask your leadership coach

The questions you ask your coach will be determined by your own goals for your coaching and any particular areas you have identified as being particularly important. However, there are some key questions that can help ensure you get the most from your coaching your relationship.

Questions to ask before selecting a coach

To be confident that you have found the right coach for you there are a number of questions you can ask of potential coaches. These might include their own professional and academic background and the coaching models that they use.

How do they personally measure success and what kind of progress might they expect from the people they work with?

Does the coach and, if relevant, their company have a proven track record of success?

By thinking about what you’re hoping to achieve through leadership coaching and what you might need from your coach, you can ask better questions both prior to and during the coaching process.

Once you’ve entered into a coaching relationship there are a number of key questions you may wish to consider asking. These include:

Can you help me identify my blind spots?

Even if we think we’re taking an honest look at our own strengths and weaknesses, we often have blind spots that even our most honest self-appraisal fails to recognise. These can be skills or behaviours that we need to work on in order to become more effective. Alternatively, they may be a way of looking at the world differently or a failure to face a challenging issue head-on.

A blind spot might be a bad habit which is hindering our progress and one that we need to stop doing. A leadership coach can be an honest observer to help us overcome those blind spots.

Where are my areas of opportunity?

Your leadership coach should help you to identify potential opportunities to grow, improve and stretch yourself. This doesn’t just mean looking at areas of weakness but also asking how you can better utilise your strengths.

How could you better use those talents to make progress, open up new perspectives and take advantage of opportunities?

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What do you think is holding you back?

The leaders that get the most out of coaching relationships retain their curiosity and have a hunger for growth and learning. They know that their authority in the workplace is based on tangible skills, talent, experience and the example they set, rather than their position. They understand that they may have weaknesses that hold them back from achieving their potential not only for themselves but in the role they play in the organisation.

A good coach will be honest with you about what they perceive to be your areas of weakness and will suggest ways in which you can develop them.

How can I improve my decision-making?

The ability to make informed, timely and coherent decisions is a key role of leadership. Often, there is no right or wrong decision to make, but a range of options with different positives and negatives. Learning how to discern between these options is crucial when it comes to formulating and then executing a strategy.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a leader?

Your leadership coach will be highly experienced across a range of fields. They will have made their own journey toward becoming a leadership coach and will have a range of perspectives on the role. Asking them about the lessons they themselves have learned along the way can be helpful in your own development.

Answering your questions and getting results

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