Leadership knowledge and skills assessment

We are the pioneers of the original objective management skills assessment.  It uses scenario based testing to examine how managers respond to real world leadership issues.


Assessing whether managers know what they "should do", this is a fantastic way of pinpointing what individual managers know, and don't know about applying the fundamentals of leadership.

Designed and developed in conjunction with Professor E.J Kehoe PhD, this is the original and the only validated objective skills assessment available on the market.

We have assessed over 15,000 managers at all levels and this feeds into our benchmarks, so we can see how your managers knowledge and skills stacks up to a general management population.




Grounded in science

  • Benchmark manager knowledge and skills across
    40 objective, real-world scenarios.
  • 15,000+ managers from all levels already assessed
  • Validation has shown sound statistical reliability
    (Cronbach Alpha = 0.914).
  • Precision target development to meet the
    specific needs of every individual.
E.James Kehoe
B.A, M.A, PhD Experimental Psychology
Associate Professor
Amirali Minbashian
BPsych, BCom, MCom, PhD Organisational Psychology