Leadership programs

Over 900 leadership programs successfully delivered across the economy including non-profit, state, local and federal government, mining, banking, manufacturing, utilities & telecommunications just to name a few.

The core of our flagship product is 1 to 1 virtual coaching, supplemented with e-learning content and other learning interventions as appropriate.


Tailored to the individual

A range of proprietary assessments are included such as objective management skills tests and multi-rater feedback. The AI system automatically suggests individual development goals for every participant. Custom goals can also be created at any time.

Each participant works their coach to select and prioritise the goals they feel are the most timely and relevant to work on. They also have access to our e-learning and content library via our online platform.


Tailored to the organisation

Every leadership program includes ongoing consultation with HR and Executive management. Our solutions team will work to understand your strategy and align development objectives before rolling out any program.

Also included is end to end project management and communications support - things that are critical to success, but often overlooked. Our solutions team have 900 leadership programs successfully implemented and counting. That's expertise you can rely on.


Relationship focused

The relationship between coach and participant is what makes 1 to 1 development truly special. An impartial expert who can help steer people through their development journey and towards success.

Working hand in hand, the coach and the participant will decide together on which development goals to focus on and the plan for achieving success.


Fully transparent

HR Teams, Executives and 1-up managers have total visibility over the development process, at both the individual and group level.

Assessment results, development goals and priorities, coach utilisation, performance improvements, ROI and so much more are available through our online platform 24x7.


Grounded in science

  • Benchmark manager knowledge and skills across
    40 objective, real-world scenarios.
  • 10,000+ managers from all levels already assessed
    across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Validation has shown sound statistical reliability
    (Cronbach Alpha = 0.914).
  • Precision target development to meet the
    specific needs of every individual.
E.James Kehoe
B.A, M.A, PhD Experimental Psychology
Associate Professor
Amirali Minbashian
BPsych, BCom, MCom, PhD Organisational Psychology

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