Susan Davis

Emerging & frontline leaders Mid - Senior leaders Executive Leadership development

Building leadership capability at all levels

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30+ years leadership experience

My qualifications

Bachelor of Science

Juniata College Pennsylvania

25+ years of coaching experience

Things you can expect from working with me

Building leadership capability at all levels

Having led and supported teams for 15 years, I have a passion for developing and coaching leaders at all stages of their leadership careers.


We can work around your schedule and adapt to changing circumstances.

Goal setting and planning

We will focus on your specific goals and work out a plan for achieving them.

Virtual coaching

All of our coaching will be done virtually, you can do your sessions anytime, anywhere.

Online learning resources

You have access to online learning resources, tailored to you and your goals.

Learning dashboards

You will have access to learning dashboards where you can see your goals and progress.

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