Leadership Styles

This module explores the various leadership styles you can use as a leader to get the most out of your team members in any given situation.

Lewin's leadership styles

In 1939, a group of researchers led by psychologist Kurt Lewin set out to identify different styles of leadership.

While further research has identified more distinct types of leadership, this early study was very influential and established three major leadership styles that have provided a springboard for more defined leadership theories.

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Situational leadership

Situational Leadership® is a leadership model developed by Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey. The key idea underpinning Situational Leadership® is that there is no one best leadership style that works for all situations. Instead, a leader should adapt their leadership style to suit the situation.

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Transactional and transformational leadership

A key component of transactional and transformational leadership is motivation and how different techniques can be used to motivate and engage employees.

Before we look at each of these leadership styles in detail, let's have a look at the two types of motivation.

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Check out the full resource: Transactional and transformational leadership

How we can help

If you are interested in working with Leadership Success, we can help identify leadership styles through our Leadership Assessments or help develop a particular leadership style through bespoke Leadership Development Programmes