How to show you’re ready for management

Taking your first step into a management role is a significant career stage. Reaching that point will likely have taken hard work and application over several years. You are likely to have excelled in your current and previous roles and have perhaps already undertaken projects and tasks where you exhibited leadership capabilities.

Demonstrating these capabilities to your current or future employer is all-important. There are different ways regarding how to show you are ready for management. Being proactive and developing key skills and qualities can all help to showcase your leadership potential.

How to prove you are ready for management

Demonstrating Core Capabilities

There are a range of core capabilities that employers look for in potential management and leadership candidates. These include:

  • Effective Communication

Good leaders can clearly articulate ideas, actively listen and foster open dialogue. This contributes to a positive and more collaborative work environment.

  • Decision Making

Good leaders can make effective decisions, particularly in challenging situations. This demonstrates your capacity to lead.

  • Taking Initiative

Potential leaders should show initiative, spearheading projects, proposing innovative solutions and volunteering for additional responsibilities. This demonstrates a proactive approach and a commitment to the success of the organisation.

  • Building Positive Relationships

Potential leaders should cultivate strong professional relationships with the people they work with. They should show an ability to overcome challenges in relationships, be approachable and willing to listen to criticism.

  • Continuous Learning

The best leaders are always learning, can be self-reflective and willing to invest time and energy in professional development.

Demonstrating some or all of these core capabilities is a key part of how to show you’re ready for management.

How to show you are ready for management

Using leadership assessment tools

 Leadership assessment tools can be a valuable tool when you are looking to take a step into a management role. The best leadership assessment tools will provide you with a range of objective information about your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. After using an assessment tool you may decide that you wish to spend some time developing certain skills before applying for a leadership position. If you are wondering how to show you are ready for management, then the results can be used in any discussions you have with senior managers about your professional development.

The best leadership assessment tools can build your confidence, help you tackle particular weaknesses and inform your future career choices. The results can also form a part of your evidence base for demonstrating your management capabilities.

Leadership Assessments from Leadership Success

 At Leadership Success, we provide a full library of assessment tools for individuals and organisations. In 2013, we built the world’s first objective leadership skills assessment that enables organisations to optimise their leadership development.

Our leadership effectiveness assessment can assist you in developing areas of weakness while enabling you to better build upon your strengths.

Contact us to find out more about leadership assessment and how we can help you achieve your career goals.


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