What is collective leadership assessment?

In any organisation, leadership combines individual talent and collective responsibility. In different companies, the emphasis on the individual and collective elements of leadership will differ. Some organisations will operate on strong individual leadership, while others may be more collective. In most cases, there will be a blend between the two approaches, with a degree of flexibility in their leadership model.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your collective leadership is essential if you are to achieve your organisational goals. Collective leadership assessment can provide actionable data about the collective strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. The best leadership assessment tools will provide reliable, relevant and actionable data and can be particularly useful when it comes to collective leadership assessment.

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A collective approach to leadership

Collective leadership is a leadership model where decision-making and responsibility are distributed across a group of individuals rather than being concentrated in a single leader. Leadership is seen as a collective and collaborative effort that involves multiple members of a team. Collective leadership emphasises collaboration and the development of a shared vision.

How do you demonstrate collective leadership?

Collective leadership will usually contain several key attributes. These include:

  • Collaborative Decision-Making

Collective leadership encourages open dialogue, considers diverse perspectives and works towards a consensus. This ensures that decisions reflect the collective wisdom of the team.

  • Effective Communication

Collective leadership fosters a culture of transparent and effective communication. Information is shared and active listening to a range of viewpoints takes place. Good communication is central to ensuring that everyone is aligned towards common goals.

  • Empowering Others

In any collective leadership team, people will possess different skills and talents. Good collective leadership provides opportunities for different team members to take on particular roles based on their skills and knowledge. Collective leadership makes full use of the diverse talents found within a group.

  • Building Trust

Trust is established and nurtured within the team, providing a firm foundation for collective leadership. This is essential for fostering collaboration and effective teamwork.

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How is collective leadership assessed?

 Collective leadership assessment will look at a range of indicators to assess the collaborative dynamics within a team or organisation:

  • Survey and Feedback

 Regularly collecting feedback from team members through surveys or interviews can provide valuable insights into the team's performance.

  • Observation & Monitoring

 Observing how the leadership team operates collectively is essential. Attention should be paid to how well people collaborate and communicate, decision making and delegation.

  • Performance Metrics

 Key performance indicators can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of any collective leadership.

  • Leadership Assessment Tools

 Leadership assessment tools can provide in-depth, accurate information about the skills, qualities and performance of collective leadership. This data should be relevant and accurate, as well as actionable, providing a range of information that can inform future organisational goals and strategies.


Collective leadership assessment from Leadership Success

Leadership Success has developed a comprehensive suite of leadership assessment tools to help individuals and organisations better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Easy to deploy and tailored to your precise needs, our tools provide a range of data to help organisations gain a stronger understanding of their collective attributes.

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