The limitations of free leadership assessments

Leadership assessments can provide valuable insights and information for individuals and organisations. They help to identify an individual's capacity in a range of critical leadership skills and qualities, such as communication, decision making and strategic thinking. Different assessment tools have been developed to provide insight into different elements of leadership.

The best leadership assessment tools can provide an effective and adaptable means by which to gauge particular skills, abilities and competencies

Several free leadership assessments are available online that can provide a basic insight into leadership qualities and competencies.

How useful are these free leadership assessments and what are their limitations?

Free leadership assessments

What to look for in an assessment tool

If you’re considering free leadership assessments it’s important to clarify how much information the assessment tool will give you. As a general rule, free leadership assessments tend to be less comprehensive than many of the paid alternatives.

When considering free assessment tools it can be helpful to look at the reputation of the organisation that is providing the assessment. Secondly, is the assessment tool easy to use without professional guidance? Finally, how useful is the information that it will give you?

When you work with a leadership development company the leadership assessment tools they use will be tailored to your particular needs, ambitions and priorities. This ensures that the information you receive will be meaningful. This is essential if you intend to use the assessment to guide your future professional development.

Free leadership assessment

What are the advantages of free leadership assessments?

 Free leadership assessments are widely available online. They are provided by a growing number of organisations, varying in their approach, methodology and accuracy. Because they are free, they are a low-risk option if you are looking to gain some basic insights into your leadership skills, qualities and potential. They can be accessed easily, and you can receive results very quickly.

They are quick and easy to access, and if you’re at the early stages of your leadership journey they may provide some initial clarity about your potential.

While this means that free leadership assessments can provide an initial assessment of your capabilities, they may not provide the depth of information you need to go forward.

What are the disadvantages of free leadership assessments?

Free leadership assessments will generally be limited in terms of features and customisation options. This can mean they are of limited use to organisations with unique leadership development needs that might require tailored assessments aligned with organisational goals.

The quality and reliability of the data provided by free leadership assessments can vary, raising concerns about their reliability. Inaccurate or unreliable data may lead to misguided leadership development strategies.

Free leadership assessments may not always prioritise user security, meaning that sensitive leadership data may be vulnerable to potential breaches.

Tailored leadership assessments from Leadership Success

At Leadership Success, we’ve developed a suite of leadership assessment tools that help our clients achieve their personal and organisational goals. They provide high-value results that provide a basis for leadership strategy and professional development.

Our tools are easy to deploy, and assessments can be launched with short lead times. The results are delivered immediately, with different result views created for participants, their managers and HR to meet their unique needs.

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