Most common leadership assessment questions

Leadership assessment questions can play a crucial part in evaluating your leadership skills and potential. They can be used as part of a job interview process, during a leadership development program or when you’re looking to secure promotion.

Leadership assessments rarely have a pass or fail rating. Instead, they’re designed to coax out aspects of your personality, skills and abilities to give employers a better indication of what you might bring to the role.

For the individual taking the test they can be valuable resources in helping to develop greater confidence in their own abilities and providing a framework for future development.

What sort of leadership assessment questions might you face and how can you prepare for them?

Examples of leadership survey questions

The questions you might face can vary considerably between different leadership assessment tools. Some of the most common types of leadership assessment questions you might face include:

  • Self-Assessment Questions

Self-assessment questions encourage you to reflect on your leadership qualities, how you’ve worked in the past and your own particular strengths and weaknesses. For instance, they might ask you to rate your ability to inspire and motivate or team or how you handle conflict giving your answer on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • Situational Judgement Questions

A situational judgement question poses a hypothetical leadership scenario and asks how you might respond and the decisions you might make. It could ask how you might address a disciplinary problem with one of your team members or how you might encourage collaboration between team members from different departments.

  • Behavioural Interview Questions

These questions will require you to provide specific examples from your past experiences, demonstrating leadership abilities and aptitudes. They might include how you motivated other people to achieve a goal or how you responded to an organisational or personal setback.

  • 360-Degree Feedback Questions

360-degree feedback questions involve contributions from peers, superiors and team members to assess an individual’s leadership abilities from a range of different perspectives. It might include questions about how well you collaborate or react under pressure, often with a 1 to 5 scoring scale.

  • Personality or Psychometric Questions

Personality-related questions gauge traits that may influence an individual’s leadership style. This can include introversion/extroversion and tolerance to risk.

  • Leadership Competency Questions

Leadership competency questions are designed to evaluate a range of leadership qualities and competencies. These might include decision-making, adaptability, problem-solving and communication.

leadership assessment questions

How to answer leadership assessment questions

Proper preparation gives you the best chance of effectively demonstrating your leadership qualities and gaining valuable insights from the leadership assessment process. Preparation will typically include comprehending the purpose and format of the assessment and thinking critically about your past leadership and broader workplace performance. Your preparation may include seeking feedback from your colleagues, reviewing sample questions, and taking steps to ensure you manage any stress and anxiety.

During the assessment be sure to carefully read the leadership assessment questions and take time to understand what’s required of you before answering.

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Leadership assessment tools can provide valuable insights and information that can inform decision-making, shape future training and development and help people achieve higher levels of professional performance.

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