How do I pass a leadership assessment test?

If you’re applying for a new role or looking to develop your leadership skills, then you may be required to take a leadership assessment test. These are valuable tools that help recruiters, leadership teams and the candidates themselves better understand the skills and aptitudes of leaders and potential leaders.

Many people find the idea of a leadership assessment test daunting but with proper preparation, they can be a valuable exercise. It’s important to remember that a leadership assessment test is not something that you pass or fail in the conventional sense. Instead, they are designed to provide a constructive evaluation of your skills and abilities to give employers a better idea about how you might contribute to their organisation.

leadership assessment test

What is a leadership assessment test?

A leadership assessment test is a valuable tool in the recruitment, selection and development process. They are designed to evaluate and measure an individual’s leadership capabilities and potential. They provide insights into the skills and qualities that a person can bring to the role along with any areas for development.

To ensure a fair and accurate assessment, the best leadership assessment tools have been developed to be reliable, objective, benchmarked against key indicators and blind to issues such as gender, race and socioeconomic background.

What kind of questions are on a leadership assessment test?

The kind of questions you are likely to face in a leadership assessment test will vary depending on the type of test that you are taking. They may include self-assessment questions where individuals reflect on their own leadership qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Situational judgment questions may also feature behavioural questions that require candidates to provide specific examples from their past experiences.

Leadership competency questions evaluate specific leadership competencies such as problem-solving, communication, decision-making and adaptability.

How do I prepare for a leadership assessment test?

Facing a leadership assessment test can cause some anxiety but with proper preparation it can be a valuable experience. It’s important to answer honestly and to the best of your abilities and to do so will usually require some advance preparation.

It can be helpful to familiarise yourself with the type of leadership test you will be taking. Example questions can be found online. Reflect on your past leadership experience, strengths and weaknesses and seek opinions from colleagues past and present. It can also be helpful to acquaint yourself with different leadership styles and models. It’s important to read questions thoroughly, remain calm and focused and manage your time.

Leadership assessment with Leadership Success

Leadership assessment tools can provide valuable insights and information that can inform decision-making, shape future training and development and help people achieve higher levels of professional performance.

The Leadership Success suite of assessment tools is comprehensive and easy to deploy across leaders and individual contributors.

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