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Talk directly to an expert not a salesperson.

“We engaged Leadership Success to develop leaders from a systematic point and ensure learning is embedded into practice. The reason we chose Leadership Success was their delivery methodology, flexibility and the quality of their coaches.

They have a great product, a great platform with lots of organizational data. And they really help manage and report on the program as well as regular problem solving. They have a winning program, offer great support and coordination and you will achieve results!”

Tim Stevenson Tim Stevenson | Learning and Development Partner

Results with the "wow" factor!

We've coached over 25,000 leaders at all levels.
We know exactly what works, and what doesn't.


Average performance increase

40% increase in job performance of participants on average


Participant satisfaction

97% of participants either satisfied or very satisfied



Coached by Leadership Success from all levels of management


Virtual coaching hours

Delivered since 2007

“After considering a number of options for a suitable and effective leadership development programme we have been using the Leadership Success programme for a couple of years with our managers and team leaders with very positive results and feedback.

The mixture of relevant skill modules and one-on-one coaching has proved to be an ideal combination that has achieved strong results. It is cost effective and is a good return on investment.”

Viv Moule Viv Moule | HR Manager

Success stories from real participants.

Learn about what happens when the rubber hits the road.
Written by participants in their own words.

"I've found the whole experience extremely valuable."

Laura Henry
Senior Manager

"I've learnt more in the past year than I have in the past five."

Shane Tassell
General Manager

"The coaching program has made me a better leader."

Shayan Khodafar
Project Manager

"I now have a wide range of techniques for managing others."

Craig Kennedy
Senior SAP Consultant

"I have become more assertive and confident in my decisions."

Nicolette Hulme
Brand Manager

"Coaching has given me some valuable new tools and skills"

Rick Augur
Product Manager

"Coaching helped me transition into my new role."

Shannon Galea
Strategic Asset Manager

"The experience of 1-1 coaching has been invaluable."

Ross Adler
Business Manager

"It gave me better strategies to communicate and deal with people."

Sean O'Brien

"Having one-to-one coaching has been instrumental to my success."

Ben Horsley
Village Manager

"This was an incredible learning opportunity. Extremely worthwhile."

Margot Vearing
Marketing Coordinator

"This has given me the tools I need to lead a diverse group of Engineers."

Petar Ciric
Discipline Manager

"I was able to deal with issues in a more focused way and get results quicker."

Will Drummy
Operations Manager / Digital Engineering Lead

"This is the best program I have ever participated in."

Belinda Saltmarsh
Branch Leader (Banking)

"I have evolved into the worker and person I always aspired to be."

Cassandra Patterson
Team Leader (Case work services)

" I have managed to let go and manage my direct reports productively"

Jonathan Rutgers
Branch Manager

"The primary benefit for me, was being provided an opportunity to solve my problems with an external expert. "

Eleanor Booth
Senior Manager NSW & QLD

"I am happier and more comfortable in my role then I ever have been and I know it is because of the tools I learnt from my coaching."

Kelly Townsend
Catering Supervisor and Head Chef (Aged Care)

"The program helped me ensure that I am leading my tribe in a way that will continue to deliver to the business"

Sherie Hope
Retail Store Leader

"Self reflection and assessment. Greater openness to change and the ability to better facilitate change."

Mike Alebardi
Team Leader Pollution Response & Enforcement

"I believe the coaching program has helped me develop new skills that I needed to learn."

Savann Ouk
Laboratory Manager

"It has boosted my confidence to be able to manage the very varied situations I am faced with."

Catherine Holbutt
Village Manager

"Gave me introspection on how to manage my own views, feelings and biases."

Andre Strydom
National Customer and Insight Manager

"I feel more confident and capable in my role."

Christie Krieger
Administration Supervisor

We have the flexibility to meet any leadership development challenge. Let's work together in a way that suits you.

Whatever your situation, needs or budget
you can rely on us to help you achieve leadership success.

Ready solutions

Provide flexible development programs

Flexible solutions

Address specific leadership challenges

Expert coaches with a proven track record.

Skip painful interactions with pushy salespeople and go straight to the good stuff.
You are paired with an expert from day one.

Invest 45 minutes per week.
Start seeing real results.

Focused learning guided by an expert coach.
We're with you every step of the way.

Step 1.

Cut down your learning time by 85%.

If you already know something, why waste time learning it again?

Step 2.
Individual goal setting

Our AI engine recommends job specific development goals for you.

You can choose to focus on these, or something else altogether.

Step 3.
Virtual coaching

One on one support breaks down the barriers to success.

Stay on track and move towards your goals.

Step 4.
Review progress

Tick your goals off with your coach.

Watch the positive feedback roll in from colleagues and your boss.

Talk directly with an expert, not a salesperson.
Here's what you get with your free consultation

Feedback and review

Harnessing a combined 600+ years of experience in developing leaders in organisations of all sizes, our experts provide invaluable feedback and advice.

Data sharing

Unlock opportunities and avoid common mistakes before they happen using data we've gathered froassessing over 15,000 participants skills, job performance and more. 


Get a leadership development strategy custom made for your organisation.  Our experts will listen to your needs and build you a strategy free of charge.


A custoplan of attack, based on your strategy. From gaining stakeholder buy-in to roll-out to reviewing metrics, we'll make sure the key areas are all considered.


Realistic guidance on minimum & average timeframes for each stage of your leadership development program / project.

Budget analysis

Utilise your available budget to maximum effect. Our experts guide you based on the data we have from thousands of organisations across the globe.