Success stories Belinda Saltmarsh

Branch Leader (Banking)

Tell us about your role.

I am a Branch Leader at a customer-owned bank. I currently have a team of 5 but I have led up to 8 staff over 2 stores.

What is 1-1 coaching like?

I have learned so much about my style and the learning style of my team. It has helped me in all aspects of my role, especially in dealing with difficult situations like change.

Karina has taught me how to be successful and effective and lead my team to success. She has helped me to really know my team and understand what drives them. I have learned to get my team to buy in!

What did you get out of the program?

There are so many benefits. It’s helped me with time management and change management. It’s taught me how valuable coaching is and how powerful it is to lead by example. It's also taught me so much about myself as a leader. It’s about my team and their success - bringing out the best in my people.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

This is the best training I’ve ever participated in. Karina has taught me to believe in myself and how to lead effectively.

A word from the coach

"Belinda had a great attitude towards the program right from the start. By applying what she took away from the coaching sessions, shifts in her leadership were evident. This was reflected in the feedback from her team and manager. It was great to see Belinda get so much out of the program."