Success stories Craig Kennedy

Senior SAP Consultant

Tell us about your role.

I am a Senior SAP Consultant managing a small team (3-4) of people with mixed experience and grades (Junior -> Principal Consultant). 

What is 1-1 coaching like?

Excellent! The coaching works really well as an add-on to the online learning. It gives me the opportunity to discuss what I've learned and, more importantly, how these skills can be applied in the real-world. By having a coach that really KNOWS me, we can work together to put these new (and old) tools to work. I can discuss real situations, how I dealt with them, and reflect with my coach on the pros and cons of my decisions.

What did you get out of the program?

The biggest thing for me personally is confidence in my decision making. Despite having managed both small & large groups in the past, I have never received any formal coaching, meaning I was never quite sure if I was doing "the right thing". The coaching program has really helped me to look inwards and understand WHY I was behaving in certain ways at particular times. My "self-learning" was based on survival instinct and suspicion of people, based on my early experiences as a manager. I have learned to adopt different leadership styles based on individual people and situations, giving me a wide range of techniques to manage the team.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

TALK! Open up with your coach, be honest and adventurous... Explore areas of discomfort, really challenge yourself and ENJOY the experience. I always felt so much more motivated after a coaching session, they refuel my motivation! :)

A word from the coach

"I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching Craig during his leadership development program. His charisma, great sense of humour, and genuine care for people, makes it easy to connect with him. His commitment to learning, courage to be push beyond the comfort zone, willingness to be honest and open with himself, and strong sense of responsibility, are the qualities that helped him grow and develop professionally and personally. There were some significant benefits gained that helped him be more authentic and effective in BEING a leader, managing people and managing himself in a high pressured, fast paced environment."