Success stories Will Drummy

Operations Manager / Digital Engineering Lead

Tell us about your role.

I manage the CAD modelling team directly and indirectly the people person of the company for the region for all staff. I periodically work on projects where I manage teams to deliver projects. The management challenges I have had in the past are personality clashes/interpersonal issues and career expectations of team members.

What is 1-1 coaching like?

It was amazing having Karina as a sounding board on issues where she would flesh out the possible outcomes of my approach and in some instances suggest another approach to get better results.

Karina's insights and previous experience certainly gave me more options on how to manage some of the issues I was challenged with and this ended in some very positive outcomes.

I have done these sessions in the past but in a group environment and I certainly got more out of the one-to-one because it was more focused on issues that concerned me and not generic issues as would have been in the group sessions.

What did you get out of the program?

I was able to deal with issues I had in a more focused way and get results quicker as Karina followed up on progress at each of our sessions.

Karina's sessions has not only helped me but also my direct line manager who has said he would implement some of the strategies that Karina suggested to get results. The fact that both of us are moving in the same direction has created a more positive outcome for the region.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

  • Be open and honest about the issues you have to deal with.
  • Target the modules to issues that directly effect you or are likely to in your forward planning.
  • Live the sessions in reality to see the effects and outcomes.
  • Be honest about the results you get in the assessments based on the strategies you select and adjust accordingly if results are not obvious.

A word from the coach

"Despite already being an experienced manager, Will was open to the coaching process right from the start. He was very transparent about the challenges in his role and this really helped us to focus our coaching conversations. It's great to hear that he achieved better outcomes as a result of the coaching process."