Success stories Laura Henry

Senior Manager

Tell us about your role.

I am the Senior Leader of a commercial creative and strategy team in Brisbane. I'm responsible for leading the team to deliver best-in-market, cross channel brand integration. It's fast paced, high pressure, dynamic and deadline driven.

What is 1-1 coaching like?

I've absolutely loved it. The one to one nature of it was really great, it allowed me to talk about a multitude of challenges and development areas. I loved Louise's coaching style and found the whole experience extremely valuable.

What did you get out of the program?

As challenges arose month to month, I was able to workshop them with someone outside of the business, who had a different perspective, yet still had an intimate understanding of our business. For my own professional development as a leader, I was able to ask for guidance on a range of areas which I was keen to develop but hadn't necessarily had time to stop down on previously.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

Be extremely open, transparent and trust your coach. Make sure you recap your action plan at the end of every session and try to tick everything off before your next session. Come prepared with topics you want to talk about.

A word from the coach

"Laura really embraced the coaching opportunity and came prepared with areas she wanted to develop. Her practical application between sessions meant that her development was implemented into her role and in her approach to leadership. Laura's openness to coaching allowed her to hone her skills and grow as a leader."