Success stories Petar Ciric

Discipline Manager

Tell us about your role.

I am a Discipline Manager for Building Services. As part of this role I lead a group of Engineers, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, fire and vertical transport. The main challenge of this role is understanding how to manage people individually to maximize their potential.

What is 1-1 coaching like?

Overall I found the 1-1 coaching was a very valuable experience. I was able to ask specific questions relating to situations I was going through at work, which helped me with my day-to-day challenges. As my coach, Karina helped me to understand and build upon my strengths and encouraged me to aim high with stretch goals.

What did you get out of the program?

Through this program, Karina was able to change the way I think about management/leadership by adapting my style to suite the situation and individuals I am managing. It gave me the tools I need to effectively lead a diverse group of Engineers.

What advice would you give to someone starting out with coaching?

To get the most out of the one-to-one coaching, you must be prepared to ask probing questions, think about how the topic relates to your daily role, and how you can do things better.

A word from the coach

"Petar was always fully prepared for our coaching conversations, which enabled really engaging, targeted coaching sessions to explore how he could practically apply the online learning to his current role. Whatever actions he committed to, he implemented and fully embedded them, which helped him to further develop his skillsets and management approaches. His enthusiasm, honesty and openness to learning made him a pleasure to coach - it was rewarding to see him realise the benefits of coaching by applying his learning on the job."